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Sep 4th 2014 at 12:53 AM

the left brain functions - intellectual abilities, logic, analysis, focus on science. In this way, the energy channels control the functioning of the brain, life and consciousness. When operated at the same time, then there are also features of both halves of the brain, therefore, contribute together to think about life, intuitive and pressure limiting process. This is also the correct preparation -

opening the way to sušumne to raise the kundalini , for the realization of psychic abilities - sidijev (eight occult psychic powers) for the realization of oneself in the context of the universe - or enlightenment simadi.

Create a new physical structure, the awakening of consciousness entirely different in humans. , however, is the awakening and raising the kundalini can also be unfavorable experience of the individual.

Kundalini can be awakened through various yogic practice and preparation, but also quite suddenly, when a man at a certain insights at all not ready. Such a spontaneous awakening and rise can cause many psychological

Disorder that makes a person lands in a mental institution, or - at best - at various medicines. When systematic process of awakening kundalini is need for concerted action ide and pingala, the awakening of the chakras and awakening sušumne. was only Then it was time for safe awakening of kundalini.

Sometimes, when certain chakra unawake or ida and pingala not operate harmoniously, this can be expressed as a serious problem in relation to the psychological aspect of function-specific chakra.

You can come to realization only individual Sidi, which again is not recommended, because the man is simply not ready for this process and manifestation.

Each awakening has its own psychic potential and only as a whole realizes the concept of the transition to the final destination - samadija. Nadija Ido and pingalo preparing for the awakening of the techniques of hatha yoga, pranayama and raja yoga.

next task is to awaken and refinement of the chakras . This can not be equated with the established Western perception of the chakras or terminology,

such as activation or opening of chakras. In Tantra is not just for everyday functional ability psychophysical survival in a relatively unobtrusive environment and circumstances (health, satisfaction, relative feelings of happiness, etc..),

But it is a real awakening of the chakras with all its psychological functions, it is the awakening of the strongest forces that we carry - cosmic power or raising of kundalini, opening of chakras and usually not enough.

Almost all the people have awakened the first chakra - muladharo, because this is just chakra, which is responsible for reproduction and survival, is the highest chakra in animal evolution, while most people higher than the third chakra - precious qualities, sleep.

For the first three are said to have chakra, which relates to the physical survival in primary emotions, but those who are associated with our basic feelings and needs within them vibrates energy at the lowest frequencies

. The higher chakras are normally asleep. For proper awakening of the lower chakras is therefore usually best to first awaken - 6th chakra, because then waking up the remaining easier and much more acceptable and goods.

Chakras have to be reliably awaken before awakening nadis, because otherwise fulfill the purpose. Each awakening of the chakras and nadis accompanied by typical experience for them. Experience the awakening of the chakras are usually mild, pleasant, beautiful.

However, when he wakes up sušumna, the experience can be much more intense. It begins the process changes the quality and experience of the mind. Then the man begins to realize your inner being. ,

If I can relate to the author of the book Kundalini Tantra, Satyananda Saraswati, to repeat, that the chakra centers exchanges between the physical, astral and causal dimensions.

Throughout the chakras can be changed in subtle physical energy within the physical dimension can be physical energy is transformed into mental. Chakras are therefore also in its original form intermediaries energy transfer or exchange between two adjacent dimension beings and facilitate the

Exchanges between body and mind. When the chakras really wake up, man becomes truly aware of the higher realms of existence and its power to enter into this domain.

The awakening of the chakras is an important event in life that can not be mixed with occultism or anything like that, although our consciousness and mind changing. These changes are important in the context of our everyday life -

Of course, in addition to experience higher aspects of our existence and purpose - our spiritual evolution. When you wake up the chakras, the mind change, change is also evaluating the events in their lives

Improve the quality of love and relations to others and to oneself. Such qualities are, for example. love, compassion, kindness, inner strength through an open heart, inner peace, compassion, understanding, acceptance, giving, emotional balance, etc..

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