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Indian spiced digestion

Jul 16th 2014 at 8:38 PM

The kitchen can become our home resort, if you know how to prepare natural herbal medicines that can help alleviate a variety of ailments us and our family. One option is the use of Ayurvedic domestic spices should have in addition to promoting digestion and improving the taste of food other beneficial effects on the body and mind.

Let's look at properties that Indian traditional medicine attaches some spices, and when to recommend their use. At the same time, let us take into account that the old science of life much more complex and that the prescription assistance (lifestyle, diet, massage, therapy) take into account the individual as a whole and does not normally gives simple instructions.

Effect of spice, for example, also depends on what force (Doša) in our body is dominated by: vata, pitta or kapha (this depends on the type or our constitution).

Doša impact on nutrition , physical activity, daily agenda, mental activity and the environment. If we look only digestion, to be a type of wadding characterized by poor and variable appetite, several small meals a day and light food. People with the constitution pie usually eat more raw and sweet, with faster digestion and often have to drink.

For kapha constitution is expected to be characterized by slow digestion, fewer larger meals, a desire for spicy and bitter foods and drink less fluids.
Indian Spices

This aromatic and refreshing material is ground into a powder resin plant with the Latin name Ferula assafoetida. It can be used as a substitute onion. Ignite the digestive fire (agni), removes harmful substances from the body and relieves pain.

Digestion has the effect of eliminating the winds from the colon, stomach cramps and constipation, as it is a natural laxative. To relieve digestive advise pinch of asafoetida, cooked with lentils. In addition, it is a good remedy for cough and helps even the pain in your ears if you turn in a piece of cotton wool is inserted into the ear. Evaporation to reduce pain. Asafoetido prepared her for a few seconds fry in hot butter cooked - gheeju (what is ghee, clarified box).

Black mustard (Brassica nigra L.)
Seeds used as a spice home, which is very strong, sharp, penetrating flavor and oily. Even mustard strengthens the digestive fire, relieves indigestion, destroys toxins, soothes flatulence and discomfort induced by disordered digestion.

We have to use it carefully because it strengthens the pie. Mustard also acts as a buffer against pain. For the relief of joint pain and pain in the chest mixture of black mustard powder

, mixed with water, spread on a cloth, which is then placed on the skin. The very dust me be placed directly on the skin, because this may cause bubbles. Alternatively, the seed of mustard turn in the cloth bag, which is administered in hot wate

Then, not too hot water soak hands and feet, thus alleviate pain in joints or muscles. Oil of mustard heats the body and can be used for massaging.

Mustard can be used in cooking or baking. Heat the sesame oil in a pan. When it is hot, add the mustard seeds (about two pinches) and fry the onion, garlic and vegetable dish then becomes very easy to digest. You can also fry the mustard on the consolidated butter - gheeju until the seeds do not start cracking.
Cimet (Cinnamomum ceylonicum)

This aromatic herb has a bit pungent and astringent taste. It creates a freshness and strength, and strengthens tissues. Operates heating, detoxifying, cleansing and anti-microbial. Helps to you, and Kapha disorders in small quantities also in diseases pies. In overdoses creates an imbalance pies.

helps digestion, stimulates perspiration and relieves pain. Cinnamon is also useful for colds and coughs. Cough and to improve digestion in the same small doses (just a pinch of each) Mix cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves, and we enjoy together. Cinnamon is one of the most common components of the Indian spice mixture garam masala. When cooking, it can be used in powder or whole.
Ingver (Zingiber officinalis)

Can be used fresh or dried. Fresh ginger contains more water and is less severe. Dried and ground into a powder is more powerful, sharper and more vigorous works. However, both the form of aromatic and sharp. Ginger is a stimulant.

It helps in digestion and metabolism of food, eliminates flatulence, stimulate appetite, purifies the intestines and void of toxic substances. To balance the weak digestive fire can be eaten fresh ginger with a little garlic.

Even a pinch of salt, added half a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger enhances the appetite. Before a meal, it is advisable to eat grated ginger stored in oil, mix with salt and lemon juice. Ginger is also home cure for kapha disorders such as colds,

runny nose, sinus problems and sore throat, which is used dry. Ginger powder mixed with warm water, you can enjoy together with honey. For removal of headache is prepared from a mixture of half a teaspoon of ginger powder, mixed with water. It is heated and rubbed on the forehead.

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