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Indian massage uses a variety of oils

Oct 11th 2013 at 2:51 AM

Thai - on energy channels and blocks Indian - on the balance of the three doshas and special channels these doshas and tissues. However, all of Oriental massage techniques have much in common, as the culture of these countries interacted for thousands of years.

Indian Ayurvedic massage - According to Ayurveda, health it is the biological equilibrium of the three forms of energy: wool, pitta, kapha. When this balance is disturbed, the person becomes ill. Ayurvedic massage helps to maintain the balance of doshas. Important and the balance of the elements Vata corresponds to the wind, which is responsible for everything that moves in the body: in the blink, blood circulation, etc., - explains the master Ayurvedic massage spa" Orient Express ". - Pitt - is a fire; it regulates digestion, eyesight, and skin condition. Kapha - the water and its imbalance manifests itself in weight gain and drowsiness."
Indian massage uses a variety of oils, powders, rice and therapeutic never performed without these funds. Ayurveda believes that during the massage so you can completely avoid the discomfort. "Oils are selected individually after consultation with the physician according to the constitution and state of health - says by the doctor. - The most commonly used sesame oil, coconut oil and castor oil. "

Classical Ayurvedic massage - is a ritual that is performed under quiet melodious music in a cozy atmosphere with dim lights and exotic flavors.

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