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Importance of Doing the Professional Hearing Test in Letchworth

Jan 4th 2016 at 11:12 PM

Are you one of those people who are having problems with your hearing? Has it gotten worse than before? If you are having serious sweat, then you need to consult a professional and get a hearing test done to see what is causing you trouble.

When it comes to doing an investigation, you can get your eyes examined with the professional hearing test in Hitchin. If you don’t have the time or not inclined to go visit the doctor, then you can do a self investigation. It will only take a couple of minutes. If you do a personal hearing evaluation, you can easily find a few guidelines on the internet and do it.

Loudness contours and Audiometry have to be taken into consideration when conducting the examination. It is always said that is best to get yourself tested by an expert as he or she has the knowledge and skill. Having said this, do you know what happens at a hearing test? Well, let me give you an insight as to what takes place.

Firstly, it is a known fact that you need to give the audiologist all your details of your medical history. The doctor may ask you about where you work and what are the different sounds you are exposed too. When discussing your medical history, the audiologist will want to know details about your illnesses you may or may not have had in the past and about your injuries if you have had any.

There are certain losses that are genetic. When it comes to checking your ears, the audiologist use a tool called an otoscope. With the equipment, the audiologist will be able to see the ear drum and diagnose the problems. A lot of the evaluations include an audiogram which is conducted in a sounded proof room. You will be told to wear headphones once inside the room. A series of tones will be played in your ears and the audiologist will keep a record of all the sounds you will be able to hear.

If you remember, you have taken the same test when you were a student. The machine would have been a lot classier at the doctor’s clinic. The basic foundation of the test would have been the same. There is another form of hearing test called a tympanometry test that includes a mild pressure which is probed into the middle ear. The test further consists of an air pressure which is used to increase and decrease while the tone is played. It is used to decide whether there is any fluid that is causing the loss of hearing.

Speaking of hearing loss, the hearing test in Letchworth is conducted in a similar manner. If you have any sort of questions, then the experts at Bedfordshire hearing Healthcare will answer them for you. You won’t have anything to worry about as you are in safe hands. For more information visit:

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