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Importance Of Antioxidants

Nov 2nd 2013 at 2:12 AM

Why are antioxidants important? Oxygen is necessary for life. The important cellular processes such as the so-called. 'Cellular respiration' occurring chemical reactions of oxidation in which just needed oxygen. That is how the energy in our cells in a process that allows life. As a result of such activities occur oxygen oxygen free radicals, which are aggressive chemicals, which react with cell membranes, protein, DNA, etc., without damaging them. If you overcome the effects of free radicals (which occurs when there are not enough antioxidants as neutralizers), leads to damage cells, tissues and damage to health.

Just some of the consequences that may arise are rapidly aging , wrinkling and skin disorders, low immunity, cartilage damage, arthritis, inflammatory changes in the digestive system , sports injuries, allergies , atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and even cancer, for which it is assumed that he just might be caused by the uncontrolled activity of free radicals . It is clear that these figures are much generalized, since the occurrence of these diseases are complex factors involved.Read More

Phytochemicals as antioxidants; everyone is very well known nutritional recommendations to be eating more fruits and vegetables. Usually the average person without immediately thought that this is' the vitamin, "but the truth is that colorful fruits and vegetables contain a variety of pythonutrients or pythochemicals that have exactly the role of antioxidants. Unfortunately, the proportion of vitamins and minerals in foods typically available is significantly reduced from those referenced in nutritional tables.

However, the recommended and regular intake of a variety of fruits and vegetables and other foods into our body precious - antioxidants. Therefore, when you hear how to eat broccoli because it protects us from the effects of cancer, as well drink at least one cup of green tea, it's not because of the vitamins, but due to various favorable chemical antioxidant ingredients they contain. When broccoli is organic sulfur compound in dole sulforaphane, a green tea with a group of polyphones: epigallocatechin, epigallocatechin Galati, etc.

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