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Long-term stress
3 years ago

Immunity to pain

Sep 13th 2013 at 12:23 AM

"That's because, when misused, the painkiller turns a little pain in sporadic daily," says neurosurgeon Jose Oswald de Oliveira Junior, head of Central Pain Hospital AC Cameron, São Paulo.

Over 50 years, the headaches deserve further attention: is that may be related to hypertension.

Sore throat is usually caused by tonsillitis bacterial or viral. "If not treated, bacterial tonsillitis may require surgery to" alert the otolaryngologist Alfredo Marcelo, the Maternity Hospital Portuguese Beneficence of Santo André, in Greater São Paulo.

The type of low viral immunity and in 10% of cases becomes bacteria. So, stop trivializing this pain.

If she seems to never go away, open your eyes: certain tumors in the neck also annoy and can be mistaken by the laymen as simple infections.

Chest pain "When the heart suffers, the pain can spread toward the stomach, the lower jaw, back and arms, "describes the cardiologist Paulo Bizarre

This usually happens when the heart muscle receives less blood due to a clogging of the arteries. "

The feeling in the chest is like a finger tight by a rubber band. And worse with stress and physical strain," explains Becerra. You cannot make silly in such cases: the rapid diagnosis can save your life. Sore legs

Many people do not hesitate to blame the varicose veins - sometimes unfairly.

"The cause may be another," warns physiatrist Thai Yang Lin, the Hospital das Clinics in Sao Paulo. An arthritis, for example, causes severe pain in the feet and knees. If left untreated, worsens to a point almost no return. "In others the pain comes from footsteps," says Lin.

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