If you want a stronger character - These 7 exercises you can do anywhere

Dec 27th 2012 at 10:32 PM

The exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere, they are! No excuses, no time or opportunity to practice. Just have a plan, taste and little time. The effects will surprise you!

Morning and evening beach has its charm: who wants to dawdle, either click on another article. But if you want a little tweak your fitness, check out our photos. The starting dose customize strengthening its capabilities. "Generally, I recommend exercise to perform to the maximum number of times the condition maintaining proper techniques," says fitness and aerobics instructor Radka Vandasová you can see in the photos. Practically, this could be such that at the moment when the muscles begin to burn or solidify, do not stop, but still perform several repetitions.

First Outputs on the bench

Design: Stand just behind the bench or another platform that hold the foot in a comfortable width, parallel tip, lift one foot and place it flat on a bench full. Keep your gaze forward, Brace abdomen, pushing up your heels force the gluteal muscles and thighs bent legs off the bench. Then slowly and controlled descent back foot while working feet remain flat on the bench. Alternate and then descend the other foot..

Order Now visual impact muscle building

Involved muscles: muscles of the front and back of the thigh, the gluteal muscles, the center of the body.Common mistakes: Lifting and carrying weight of the heel to the tip, recumbent chest, bouncing bottom leg in the bottom position, too rapid descent (falling), look into the country.

Second Handles with straps knee

Design: Rest hands on the bench and set the body into a position vzporu ležmo (board), place the palms parallel and natural breadth, Brace abdominals. Bend your elbows at an angle, flap is slightly to the hull and descend down. Walk up to the maximum range of motion (chest on the bench) and pressing the palms flat in the starting position. Remain in the moment and do pull-right and then the left knee on belly (knee touches the bench). The moment balance intraabdominal pressure and maintain a stable pelvis. Click Repeat, repeat Balance.

Involved muscles: Chest muscles, front deltoid muscles, triceps arm, the center of the body.Common mistakes: Looking ahead, shoulders sagging or vice versa pan in chimney, too tall palm position (at eye level).
Third Forays into the pyramid

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