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I Want To Build Your Muscles And Burn Excess Fat.

Apr 12th 2012 at 8:03 AM

No Additional protein intake can help build muscle and aerobics (unless, of course, do not you do something really serious) will not destroy the muscle. You need a normal amount of protein to your body can repair and build muscle after training - during this time and there is an increase of muscle size and strength. Food, which contains 15% -35% of calories from protein is quite satisfies these requirements (that is how much the program encourages visual impact muscle building . There is no need to consume protein in excess of this norm.

People who regularly load their muscles can consume 35%, but there is no evidence that it is necessary or more effective to consume more than 35% of calories from protein. Helps build muscle just their regular training (during which the muscle is torn), but not the amount of protein. question about the number and execution time of aerobic exercise is more complex. During prolonged aerobic exercise (more than 45 minutes), medium or high activity, your body will begin to gradually increase the amount of protein used to them (which is stored just in the muscle tissue). If the workout lasts 90 minutes, the amount of energy from protein, can reach 10-12% (in the usual rhythm of 1-2%).

visual impact muscle building

visual impact muscle building: Thus, it appears that aerobic exercise lasting longer than 45 minutes can have a negative impact on building muscle mass. The optimal solution for burning maximum calories without losing muscle mass will train for 20-40 minutes at high intensity. Here are perfect for interval training . Also, be sure to remember about the time factor of training and nutrition. The most important period of recovery after exercise occurs in the first two hours after its completion. It was during this time period your body is really ready to use food for the resumption of its stock.

If you want to keep or increase muscle mass, then we recommend that during those two hours to eat about 300 calories with a ratio of carbohydrates to proteins 3/1. For example, protein or energy bar, drink (fruit juice, yogurt and / or protein powder), yogurt with fruit.Try to arrange aerobic workout on days other than law enforcement, or at least 2 hours before or after them. This will help you save more energy and strength training to preserve stocks of the protein.

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