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I want to be a barista ....

Sep 4th 2014 at 11:51 PM

Hello everyone, greetings from Sydney. Since the last post was quite a change from my side it was mainly looking for a job in a cafe. Of course coffee baristas work attracted me, because I fell in love with it and in Sydney is a huge demand for the barista. So, when we arrived back in Sydney, I redid a resume

For about the fifteenth time), and went to work the next hunt. Each day I watched Gumtree (our favorite advertising portal, where we found everything from housing to work) and when there was a new advertisement for barista, now I put the specified text and attach your CV and replayed. Most ad looked like this:

We are looking for barista - at least 3 years of experience, flawless latte art, work 7 days a week ... So not really my description, and I was not looking to work 60 hours a week, but I still demand around our match the house and almost all of my emails, I received an answer, let come to trial that day or the next morning.

With this style I was looking for work in two weeks and I went to one trial after another. first trial I had two days after returning to Sydney and coincidentally I did at trial Slovaks Lenka, but I have to say that I did not like

Trial and coffee I did not like one bit, it seemed to me that he was quite prepared poorly and eventually I was relieved when I wrote that married someone else. Tial Next I waited

A week after arrival, one in Randwick, close to our living, but the barista was Chinese which does not bode well regarding salary when I asked him to pay, I guess I was totally written off after his answers, it would be about $ 15 an hour, I ran out of there by leaps and bounds. Do I have to add that the trial lasted

About two minutes, they told me to do two latte and then I went. It reminded me a lot burgercrave and I did not expect to call me.

On Tuesday I had scheduled two Tial and 5 in the morning I woke call them ill barista if I could come. So I arrived at 7 and to my surprise it was pretty clean café (Café Randwick) and I was there on trial two hours,

I absolutely loved it, so I was hoping to hear. That day I had another trial, in another small lovely cafe (tophi), but the trial took place more of an interview, I talked with the owner and proprietor of the cafe, they were

Both very nice and told me they were looking for someone who is willing to forget everything he did as a barista and learn it their way, which surprised me slightly, but on the other hand i was pleased to seek a man

With five years of experience and a perfect latte art. In both trials the told me that I hear the next day. Wednesday, I had a terrible trial in another enterprise, it was called The Tea Salon. It was a cafe in the middle of a shopping center with pink and white decor and pink porcelain mugs.

The whole thing looked like a doll house, I came and the manager did an interview with me almost 30 minutes asking all my previous employers would like to contact any place I've ever worked with and asked me why I was in such and such work was over, .. then led me into something like a kitchen,

where deep-fried fries next to the coffee machine and said let them do three basic coffee: latte, cappuccino and flat white. Then we said goodbye and I fled again by leaps and bounds away. All day I've been waiting a response from two lovely cafes, but eventually came to me just one answer to a negative of Café Randwick. On Thursday I had a trial at 8 am in the cafeteria, but the waitress

,But I really did not like a lot more I wanted to work as a barista. That day I worked in the cafeteria at univezitě and then I waited another two Tial. So I drove to the city and came to the first of the cafes where

I first saw the steam nozzle, which is controlled by a pedal on the floor, which I was slightly taken aback and especially after milk was the perfect temperature, I did not know how to turn off the nozzle and it turned out tragically. With burnt milk man much finery will do so with my latte art went wrong and

Now they told me that they need barista, who is 100% perfect latte art on every Kafi. Then I went to my last trial, the cafe in the heart of Sydney, where he worked for Chinese and Chinese to me and it was clear

where this was going. I came back and they wanted me to whisk soy milk and show them latte art, which is much harder than with normal milk, and when added to coffee never untested, it could not end well.

So I left and there occurs a limp. No one did not resonate with me, waiting for me the next trial on Friday, while in a beautiful place, but an hour away from our living, which is not for the work of baristas (start around 6 am)

Completely ideal. To my great surprise me one evening by a top hat, a beautiful little cafe about 1.5 km from the house that they would like to come in the second trial to test how I teach and how I am able to work in a bustling cafe. A place in the promised hour trial I've spent 3 hours and got the job :)

Everything went well, now he breaks in and I really enjoy it, learn to know the differences between the various countries of coffee, latte art, and starting next week (when I go to well) I will be a head barista every Monday. I'm really excited and all who work there are happy, which motivates me too.

This Monday and I had a second new barista training and test and we did a tasting coffee and I would never say what it is science. still want to add that I am not xenophobic, but simply for the experience of finding work, I know that they work only Asians, Europeans do not want there first, second,

And Asians are known that are willing to work for far less than minimum wage and thereby reduce the overall salaries of people who work in the hospitality industry in large parts of Sydney

. After the first week on the job mi cafe owner wrote in an email: Well done for this week! We know it can be stressful and it takes a hard toll on your body, just know we are very happy with your progress so far.

Good work this week! We know that the job can be stressful and physically demanding, but we want you to know that we are very satisfied with your work progress. I think that every An employee should from time to

Time to hear something like that, because it's very motivating. Have a nice day and enjoy TEPLIČKA, we bought a winter hat, gloves and heating bottle and wait until the winter is over :) Lenďa

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