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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help cancer patients

Aug 10th 2015 at 11:57 PM

Cancer is a deadly disease, which makes patients suffer a lot. There are different types of cancers to ruin the quality of life. However, patients can get a ray of hope with the medical science progressing extensively in offering effective treatment for cancer. Out of some crucial treatment and therapy known today, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is acknowledged by both doctors and patients.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, in short HBOT, is quite commonly used therapy for cancer patients. It is not a cure, but an optimal way to soothe the side-effects of cancer and radiation therapy.

In the medical terms, it is a process that allows patients to enter and breathe in a chamber filled with 100% pure oxygen. This chamber has around 1-1/2 to 3 times more atmospheric pressure under room temperature than normal atmospheric pressure. Patients are prescribed to enter this chamber to breathe in more oxygen for a fixed duration as suggested by the doctor.

The HBOT process

Under the pressurized chamber, patients are provided with the opportunity to soak in pure oxygen. It is extremely important for human health because oxygen is an essential nutrient for tissues and blood cells in the body. When the patients receive more oxygen in the pressurized chamber, it helps them to promote the healing process. Therefore, doctors and patients both prefer hyperbaric therapy for cancer. Not just cancer, but HBOT also helps the patients suffering from thermal burns, radiation injuries, autism and other tissue damages.

How oxygen therapy helps in cancer?

Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is quite common during cancer treatment. In this therapy, radiations are used to damage cancerous cells in the body, but it also affects and damages healthy red blood cells and other tissues found in that area. With this radiation effect, red blood cells and tissues get partially damaged eventually becoming unable to carry enough oxygen to those areas. This reduction in flow of oxygen has damaging effect on the health as it slows down the recovery process.

With hyperbaric therapy, damaged red cells and tissues get to absorb more oxygen leading to better flow of oxygen in the body. It thus promotes healing process.

HBOT makes cancer treatment a lot effective

If patients receiving radiation therapy do not get HBOT on time, then the affected tissues tend to become more fragile. In addition, problems like ulceration may start creeping in, which can also lead to the death of patients. All these problems can be managed effectively if patients are able to receive more oxygen during their course of recovery. This is why doctors prefer the use of hyperbaric therapy for cancer patients.

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