How women can cope with HSDD?

Dec 10th 2015 at 10:25 PM

The reasons for loss of libido in men have been well studied and documented. Of course men not being able to get erections are a matter of life or death for them. Also it’s possible for men to know their exact problem as it's so visibly apparent. But it isn't the same for women is it? It’s not physically visible if they have lost their appetite or why they are not getting aroused. Why has more efforts not been taken to develop a Viagra for women? Let’s discuss some of the common reasons why women lose their sexual desire and what are the ways to combat it.

· Baby

Yes babies are little angels and probably the greatest thing that can happen to you but one thing you can be guaranteed of is that birth of a baby will ensure that your sex life will go for a toss. In fact most guidance counselors privately believe that having a baby is primary cause for separation in many relationships. According to a recent survey 17% marriages end in divorce within a year of the first baby being born. So it's important to make time and more importantly energy if the health of the relationship matters to you. It could become stressful but you have to find ways to keep the romance going as it is crucial for the health of a relationship. Vaginal dryness is a big side effect of pregnancy and lubrication becomes essential in such cases. Female Viagra has been known to provide enhanced lubrication in women with an 80% success rate.


HSDD or hypoactive sexual disorder is a big cause for loss of libido in women. When women are unable to become aroused sexually and it starts to affect them then it’s known as HSDD. if your low sexual arousal is consistent with your arousal level before then it's not HSDD you might just have low level of sexual arousal. Female versions of Viagra have been proven to be effective in helping women attain arousal despite HSDD. Viagra contains the active component sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil improves blood flow into the penile region. However it's important to not consider Viagra as the savior as it could cause you to put too much stress on yourself mentally leaving you unable to attain arousal mentally which are essential to achieve an orgasm. You can buy Viagra at considerably lesser rates by buying Viagra coupon online and availing discounts of up to 45% on all purchases.

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