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How To Stop Plantar Warts

Jul 27th 2011 at 7:14 AM


Treatments for plantar warts can be time consuming and you should consult your podiatrist or doctor to see what the major health treatment is best for you.

Plantar warts are benign tumors of the problem which was formed in the single screen, the heel or the ball. Too much pressure when walking or standing for long periods becomes deeper in the skin. These warts should not be ignored and your doctor must determine the best treatment for you wart.

Plantar warts are rough and spongy, and are usually brown or gray. The wart under the skin is generally three times larger than the surface of the wart, which showed the skin. The depth of the wart is the reason for the pain associated with plantar warts. If the wart is large enough, you can see a bulge at the base of the feet while standing.

A treatment for plantar warts includes over-the-counter medications, laser therapy, cry therapy and surgical removal.

Counter drugs have an acidic substance that can destroy skin cells and healthy tissue is injured around the wart. These should be used with extreme caution. After verifying that you are actually looking for a wart the advice of your podiatrist and recommend treatment options is the best start.

In home care or orthopedic surgery can be recognized around the wart with a weak acid such as salicylic acid, cantharid in or dichloroacetic acid. These treatments often have multiple applications for several weeks to several months, and the acid treatment, disintegrates viral cells and healthy cells to replace him.

Laser treatments can also be used to treat plantar warts with. Your podiatrist will use a laser treatment in your office or an ambulatory surgery center under local anesthesia. If you opt for laser treatment, cure to use to talk to your podiatrist. Laser treatment methods have been very useful.

Cryotherapy is a podiatrist if the wart with sodium nitrite, which destroys the virus and causes the wart to fall into the dark and usually a couple of days, freezing up to a week.

Cryotherapy is not very useful because the solution to get rid of the wart is not deep enough in the virus.

The methods of surgical removal is generally not recommended, nursing plantar warts, because to produce painful scars. Debridement can be done with general anesthesia and can be used with acid to destroy the virus and prevent the warts from renewable sources. This treatment is a last resort.

There are many options for the treatment of plantar warts. Ask your podiatrist and see what treatment is best for you!

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