How to prevent recurrent vaginitis

Jun 9th 2014 at 10:38 PM

Vaginitis gynecological diseases are caused by bacteria are more likely to relapse if you do not know how to protect "private parts" hygiene to prevent disease.4 shows the main symptoms you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis What should you do when vaginitis Vaginal several warnings in 4 risk of infection "private parts" 5 things to avoid when vaginitis

Dear doctor, I'm 23 years old this year. During the holiday, you and your boyfriend trot sex many times. Consequently, I now feel very uncomfortable in the "private parts". I visit the doctor says is vaginitis . Previously I had this sick 1-2 times, this is more likely due to recurrent disease conditions are favorable.

The doctor asked me, how can I prevent a relapse now? I thank you! (Thu Hao)

BS. Roses advice:

Thu Hao You, dear

Vaginosis is a common gynecological diseases in women, but the disease does not affect their lives but it is the cause of the risk of infertility and many other annoyances. Vaginitis if timely treatment is not likely to lead to resistance and impaired girlfriend cause infections other gynecological diseases.

Since this is a gynecological disease caused by the bacteria are more likely to relapse if you do not know how to protect "private parts" hygiene to prevent disease. The vagina is an extremely sensitive environment, easy to grow bacteria. When infection treatment required absolute compliance regime of abstinence and medication to avoid relapse repeatedly. The most important thing in treating bacterial vaginosis is to pay attention about hygiene, avoid the types of products used feminine hygiene during infection, should be washed with clean water or green tea rinse with water.

How to prevent recurrent vaginitis 1

In addition, you also need to avoid a number of factors can cause more severe disease as below:

- Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco stimulant nicotine in cigarettes can do to reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood so the blood supply to the "private parts" were also reduced the amount of oxygen needed.

Alcohol to make "private parts" of women often in hot and humid condition so as to create conditions for bacteria to fungi, pathogenic bacterial vaginosis.

- Avoid eating hot spicy food: spicy food, heat will increase the toxins accumulate in the internal organs, causing dark urine, anal burning, and creating an environment for bacterial vaginosis as development that becomes more severe disease.

- Avoid sugary foods, fatty (oily): The greasy foods, like oily fat, butter, pork ... and foods containing high sugar content such as candy, chocolate, cake ... also makes heat in the genital area of a little higher quality and increased vaginal secretion and greatly affects the treatment of vaginitis.

- Avoid sex: Having sex during vaginal inflammation contributes to the bacteria deeper into the opportunities and "destroy" inside reproductive organs, causing disease and as long off risk even more widespread and severe.

Whether you suffer from recurrent disease also need to see to know the extent of his illness nowhere to be treated aggressively and promptly. Avoid using the older drugs will increase the risk of inappropriate medications and make sicker.

Wish you get well soon!

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