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How To Make Exercise A Habit

Dec 18th 2015 at 3:22 AM

The very word “exercise” paints in the mind the image of a military-boot-camp-style drill that leaves you with broken bones, torn muscles and a few less teeth at the end of the day. Although it is a subject of wonder how such a picture came to into being to stereotype exercise so badly, the fact remains that it is beneficial for your overall fitness. Your body is a machine. Like every other machine on this planet, it needs regular upkeep – maintenance, oiling, etc. The difference lies in the fact that nobody else is going to do it for you, unlike mechanical devices that get taken care of. Your body, your responsibility. If you don’t move around much the entire day, you may start experiencing aches in different parts of your body. You will experience stiffness in your legs and shoulders – a characteristic of people with white collar jobs. This happens because of lack of movement. The muscles get jammed, sort of “rusted”. Daily exercise is the only thing that can prevent your machinery from jamming up and giving in. daily exercise is also, miraculously, a healthy weight loss solution, one that you will not find in teacups and health powders.

The biggest obstacle that creates an unhealthy lifestyle for you is the lack of motivation to change your life. People that have white collar jobs suffer the most with this problem, and the root lies in their busy lifestyle. After coming home from work, exhaustion leaves them useless for anything good or healthy. The eating habits they have is also one of the primary reasons for low levels of fitness. High intake of caffeine kills hunger, which may lead to deficiencies in the body. Yet, giving up something like caffeine puts work at risk, so it is health that gets compromised.

The motivation to get healthy can actually be found in such a lifestyle as well. In fact, the very factors that create the problem also carry the answers to it. Computers, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets can be used as personal assistants to help you keep track of the healthy and unhealthy things you do all day long. At the end of the day, an assessment will help you decide which habits you need to give up on and which ones you need to pick up. There are some applications and software that help to create a complete “habit profile” for you. This profile helps you keep track of your health targets – both short term and long term. Through reminding you about your goals at a pre-set frequency each day, these applications keep your mind buzzing with thoughts of keeping things healthy. Instead of fast food, you may end up eating a healthy salad with some juice. Instead of smoking cigarettes, you may end up eating apples. It will help you change your habits and make them health-oriented.

The cruel irony of the current era is that the very thing that has created an unhealthy world carries the answers to leading a healthy life. For more information about healthy weight loss solutions, visit


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Johnny Walsh is a health expert and fitness freak who is also well known for his interesting articles and blogs wherein he shares his valuable insights and helps people in attaining their desired body shape faster. He recommends as the best name to trust if you are looking for effective weight loss programs.

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