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How to lose weight through walking five main rules

Jul 17th 2014 at 8:45 PM

Walking - a proven way to lose weight, has no contraindications and is suitable for all, regardless of age. truth , and there are some nuances that you need to know in order to achieve maximum effect. Our rules will help you lose weight without dieting and grueling exercise.

Add more into your life movement, but do it correctly, and the result will give you a month!
"On the effectiveness of walking is not inferior to the run, but unlike the latter has no contraindications and is much safer for health - says

Anastasia Poletaeva, founder and leader of Russia's first professional "School of Nordic walking." - It does not hurt the joints and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Walking - it's a natural human movement, so psychologically start to lose weight with the help of a lot easier. "

1. Always "warm up"
Any physical activity should start with a warm up. Walk 10 minutes at a slow pace , gradually increasing speed. So you have to prepare the heart, joints and muscles for the work ahead. At the end of training also certainly reduce your pace to the body "cool."

2. Follow pulse

If your goal - losing weight, you have to engage in so-called aerobic, or "fat-burning" zone rate. Anyone can define it for themselves by a simple formula.

First, calculate the maximum heart rate: 220 - your age in years. To the fat began to "burn" your heart rate during exercise should be 70-80% of maximum heart rate. If you do not have a special

heart rate monitor, be guided by your breath. "If you do not choke and can talk while driving, it means that you are in the aerobic zone. Remember that once you are in the aerobic zone may lose weight " - warns our expert.
How to lose weight through walking five main rules - photo 2
3. Try different types of walking

Walking uphill on a treadmill

This kind of distance has obvious advantages: with a convenient monitor can be easily controlled and pulse load. If the heart rate is higher than needed - to reduce the angle of inclination or diminish speed.

In addition, in the gym, you can find additional motivation: slender girl around cause you even greater desire to do her figure. However,

if you are not a fan of fitness and do not intend to in the future engage in any sports other than walking, buy a subscription to the gym for you to be irrational.

Nordic Walking

This special kind of walk, only gaining popularity in Russia, using special sticks that allows you to use more than 90% of the muscles. Scientists have proved that while walking with sticks burned 46% more calories than normal, so these activities help to achieve great results.

" Training for Nordic walking are possible only in the open air, and it is important that during classes comply with the special equipment namely how the foot should be rolled from heel to toe, and top with pulled upward - says Anastasia Poletaeva. -

While driving must be observed variable stroke technique, as in skiing: left leg - the right hand and vice versa. If you plan to lose weight through walking with sticks,

then better to start with a speed of 4.5-5 km / h, gradually increasing the tempo to 6.5-7 km / h It is important not to overdo it and stay in the aerobic zone. "

This kind of walk is especially suitable for older people, those who have a significant overweight or joint problems.

"The first 3-5 workouts I always advise to carry out under the guidance of an experienced certified trainer. He will advise you about your individual circumstances and teach proper technique walk. After you can practice Nordic walking independently.

Lesson Nordic walking at any time of the year: winter and summer! Can be sure that, having tried Nordic walking, you have no reason not exchange it for another type of fitness "- sure our expert.

Walking down the street at a fast pace

If walking with sticks until that you seem dubious undertaking, start with ordinary walking down the street. But not halturte: no slow marches to the store for "sweets" and vice versa. Let it be enough for at least hour and a quick walk. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes

: no high heels. Walking with a friend is not advised, unless it pursues the same purpose sports that you: you can talk relax, and you will not notice how lowered the tempo. But if you have a dog, it can be a great "coach" and will not be bored.

Interval walking

Interval training at times more efficient than conventional , this applies to walking. Wherever you were doing on the street or on the treadmill, try to change the speed and load at regular intervals. Such as brisk walking - 1 minute walking at a moderate pace - 3 minutes.

4. Walk walk regularly

Make it a rule to walk on weekdays at least an hour, and on weekends - for several hours. If you choose Nordic walking, you need to engage in at least 50 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week. "Morning workout energized and evening appetite suppressant, but are exciting the nervous system. The main thing - to exercise regularly " - reminiscent of our expert.

5. Correct nutrition

No load will not help you lose weight if you regularly load up at night and absorb huge amounts of fatty, sweet and flour. Try to make your diet more healthy in general , eat vegetables, fish, lean meat, chicken, and not finished products and sausages,

refuse mayonnaise. "It is desirable for 1 hour before and 2 hours after exercise is not. And on the day of exercise to avoid sweet, flour, fat "

- warns Anastasia Poletaeva. If immediately after the walk, you will feel a strong hunger, eat some boiled chicken or cottage cheese with fresh vegetables.

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