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How to lose weight playing

Jul 17th 2014 at 9:24 PM

From games can not only learn some foreign language, learn to fly a plane or tank, but even lose weight. No, no kidding. Of course, you can not lose fat and pump up your biceps,

playing GTA 5. But the world is full of games that will provide you the coveted number on the scale. The main thing - to choose their own,

not listening to your nagging men to be something out there to mumble about the plot, FPS and full destructible. Today we will choose games that are good at doing one thing - burn calories and how they look at this - minor matters.

Playing in a rock band simulator, you will burn about 150 calories per hour. This is less efficient than most traditional sports: for comparison, an hour's drive on a normal bike will take

approximately 280 kcal. However, ride a bike too long is not very useful, and waving plastic guitar you can at least twenty-four hours long.

Importantly, put on your headphones. By the way, Rock Band is possible to connect these tools , so if you want to not only lose weight but also to learn to play the electric guitar - you will find what you were looking for!

If you buy a plastic guitar is too heavy for your family budget, try a cheaper option - dance simulator. The most famous among them -

Dance Dance Revolution. To arrange in his living room a disco club, enough to buy a special pad with buttons. After an hour of the game you will burn 200 to 300 calories,

and it is already an achievement. Unfortunately, dance well you can hardly learn because mat only tracks the movement of legs. But coordination to promote health, vouch.

Dance Central 3
But Dance Central 3 - this is an opportunity not only to get into a cherished jeans bought in grade 11, but new moves to impress your friends. Beyond that, how well you repeat the action figures on the screen, the camera will see XBOX Kinect.

In this game even has a plot! To save the world, you need to go back and be the best dancer in the past few decades. Get ready to meet the spirit of the 70s, 80s and so on.

And in Dance Central 3 you can play with friends: here can compete two teams of up to four people each.

Zumba Dance

Another dance simulator, this time without a plot. The main feature - it is a game for the tablet, so that you can take with you, for example, on vacation, to dance for fun at the hotel. The program will teach the basic movements,

and then you start to repeat the action on the screen instructor. The more you move, the more points you'll score in the process.

Also scoring game considers how many calories you burned for the dance. Additional hardware is required, the camera detects the movements of the player device. Compositions included, alas, a little - just six pieces, the rest will have to be downloaded for a fee.

Wii Fit

Wii Fit - this is probably the simulator, not a game. In order to lose weight with the Wii, you have to buy a special controller Wii Balance Board.

This floor design of the four scales, which allows to determine the player's position. With its help, you can do yoga, aerobics and strength training. All complete burn fat with a bang, but they have one major drawback: it is not quite the game.

Or interesting plot, no exciting competition from them can not wait. If you have problems with motivation not too concerned - were engaged in safely.

Wii Fit is already appreciated by professional trainers: console buy many fitness clubs and used, for example, to recover from injuries.

The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout Challenge

If you lose weight without motivation still boring, try to participate in the show The Biggest Loser . World-renowned trainer Jillian Michaels decided to go beyond reality shows and released their game for the Xbox 360 console.

It offers complete sets of exercises and gives create your own, and remembers your settings and monitors progress.

The Biggest Loser Game is especially valuable, not only helps to effectively spend the calories, but also teaches the basics of good nutrition. If you seriously want to cubes on the abdomen, as Gillian - forward to the store for a box.

Get Fit with Mel B

Symmetrical star answer for owners of the previous game PlayStation. If you still remember who the Spice Girls and want to be like them - you are here. Set of exercises includes dancing, step and kickboxing. Mel workout at very high quality, they have both cardio and strength exercises. Here you will also give advice on nutrition, recipes and ideas for planning meals.

Alas, the way to get a beautiful figure lying on the couch and eating the cookies until they invented. We will follow the developments of scientists in this field, however, recommend that you do not really hope for success - at least the next twenty years the only way to lose weight will exercise combined with a healthy diet . Fortunately, humanity has invented several video games that will help you cheat your own laziness. It remains to determine what gaming platform have your man, and finally begin to use it.

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