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How to lose pounds!

May 22nd 2014 at 10:16 PM

Losing kilos is a tedious and difficult process. But it is an everyday problem for many people with serious health and social relationships. Obesity in our time has reached epidemic proportions although the process is Hashim kg while difficult to get used to and keep one but based on very simple and easy steps.

To lose weight there is no magic, easy and quick way. Anything or anyone promises you otherwise is either wrong or Dangerous for your health. The weight loss can be achieved through long-term lifestyle change that is not related but neither deprivation nor crash diets or fitness programs. To lose pounds need to change lifestyle.

If you follow these steps, to the point of becoming a way of life, not only will you manage to lose weight but will also be very easy to maintain your normal weight.

Before we start let's dispel some myths related weight loss and wasting kg.


The diet is a myth. There is no specific way of eating in kind or quantity suitable for each person. A diet that promises lightning fast results is almost sure to cause problems. The diet is something you must follow only for serious medical reasons and has since written for a specific person by an expert. The word you're looking for and you should have experience not the diet but "Proper Nutrition".


Exercise foisted as the antidote to obesity and is often used as an excuse to eat more. There is no doubt that exercise is good for health and we need to integrate in your daily routine. But always based on your needs and your capabilities. Finally the role of fitness / diatofis specifically to weight loss is about 20% (gymnastics) and 80% (diet). Put simply poor nutrition very easily eliminate or override fitness.

I do not eat but fatten.

Excuses for not trying to slim you can find thousands. Even to invent some. The funda is that whatever happens, and that specificity has your organization due to some factors depend on your lifestyle. There are no magic ways to slim nor magical ways that make you fat. Since you all depend.

The simple steps to lose weight.

Losing weight is not about depriving food than your body. If you do this three induce adverse effects. First the body perceives as shock reducing calories and store as much fat can even by converting data into useful fat to keep stocks. Second, decreases your metabolism. Your organization due to lack of energy reduces the metabolism resulting aisthanestai weak and reduce your body burns. Third, after some time to find the required energy begins to burn as fuel your muscle mass. Reduce your muscle mass can cause very serious problems.

altProper diet therefore requires that you give your body all the necessary power and frequent posostites. We need to eat five meals a day to give your body continuously energy and enhance your metabolism and hence your combustion. Obviously all meals will not be complete. By lunch we mean even a healthy snack.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. If you start your day without breakfast lose your time for nothing. Your body after sleep immediately need food to function. Put breakfast in your program by force. During the day each meal should be around Ms. fewer calories as the night approaches.

What you eat

The content of your diet is very important. The most important of all.

The foods you should eat is ALL natural.

altDo not block anything, just they all have their time and their quantity.
Lord and essential part of your daily diet should be fruits and vegetables. Every day, twice a day. Salads and fruits should always be at home. One reason many people arrive to when they are hungry diets is that because they are used to eating junk foods and miserable when they are prohibited stay hungry. Big mistake. The point is not to stop eating. The point is to replace it with healthy foods. HUNGER afternoon? Want a snack? Feel weak? Eat a fruit. It's that simple. Even if you do not like it, even if you do it by force, do it. Turn the evening tired home with terrible hunger. It makes to order because you are dieting and what you do? Stay hungry. Wrong. For starving your body needs energy. Make a nice salad.

Second source of food are cereals, legumes and cooked vegetables. 4-5 main meals of the week should be one of the options above. What more should watch.


Forget the white bread and corn flakes. Refined grains that form is the worst. Prefer full bread, multigrain and return to traditional Greek recipes with cereal (Trahanis, gruel etc.)


Vegetables need to eat and raw and cooked. In each form there are nutrients that our body can not absorbance otherwise.

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