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How To Get Six Pack Abs – Answering The Weight Question

Oct 31st 2014 at 3:18 AM

You see it all the time in gyms around the country – when you ask people about how to get six pack abs, you will usually get one of the two answers. Either they will tell you that the only way to make your abs rip out is thousands upon thousands of repetitions of the same, specifically chosen exercise formats. These will be the people who you can easily spot, gunning away their energy and sweat, doing hundreds of reps of the same exercise. They say this is the only way to tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen.

And then there are the other variety who say the whole idea of doing reps for getting six pack abs is a complete joke. They argue that after doing, say twenty or so reps of the same exercise, your body will stop responding to the stimulation you are trying to provide it. The only way, therefore, to make sure the exercise and efforts are effective is to add on more and more weights. They reason that since the abs are a muscle just like the biceps or shoulders-adding weight is the right thing to do.

So which of these two is the right approach?

In my opinion, both systems are right up to a point.

The answer lies within the actual effort your body has to put into the exercise. Of course you are working the muscle when you repeat the same exercise a hundred or maybe even a thousand times. But the human body is an amazing machine that adapts quickly to the circumstances it is exposed to. This means that the more reps you make, the less effort it will require from your body to complete the exercise. The muscle will be getting worked but your body will soon get used to the movement and adapt, reducing the effects of it and putting a damper on the actual results you are trying to get from the entire thing.

Same is the case with the slow and controlled movements that people say bring out better results. You would be better off focusing on doing ten to twenty solid reps-reps that are done in a slow and controlled manner.

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve here. In case a tight and slim body is what you are after, simple but complete reps will do the trick for you and you will be able to maintain the body shape you want to have. When it comes to workouts for getting six pack abs, however, you need to work the muscles to the point where they gain in strength as well as body. This is where adding on weight to the exercise is going to help out. This way you will gain the muscular waist line you wanted to develop but will add on a few inches to it in the process.

But that is the only effective answer on how to get six pack abs!

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About The Author

Mel Spader is a personal trainer and fitness expert who also likes to write interesting articles and blogs, helping people understand how to get six pack abs. He recommends as the website to trust in case you need reliable information on the topic.

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