How to Get A Charming Face During Quarantine

Apr 2nd 2020 at 10:48 PM

Surfing through Instagram you see the amazing radiant faces of the celebs. Wondering how they maintain this even while sitting at home?

While you might not be able to do everything they do, there is one thing that can give you the glow; Face scrubs!

The time spent at home is time spent in care! You too can utilize this self-isolation time coronavirus has given us in the proper care of your skin.  Every morning can begin with a fresh start and self-love for your face. So, when the quarantine is over, you can step out of home as a smart gentleman.

Face Scrubs are like arsenal weapons for clear and healthy skin. The research suggested that either men overuse it or do not use scrubs at all. Both of these scenes are not right. Here we will tell you the right regimen which will propel you to clear, bright skin!

What’s the point?

Face scrubs also known as exfoliators remove dead skins that build upon the skin and clog the pores. Every two weeks, your skin cells turnover and you get new skin. Now that you are a grownup, you face does not shed the skin quickly and give your face a dull look.

While the scrubs remove dead skin, they can do wonders for your shave. Using face scrub on your shaving area before you actually shave softens the facial hairs which enable a better shaving experience too. It also gives you a complete shave as scrubbing helps raise the hairs from the face. Say hello to a better shaving experience.

The Right Way

Not using a face scrub should not be an option but overusing it causes issues. While there are benefits, you need to sue it the right way for the best results.

The perfect solution depends on your skin type. Listed below are the best ways to scrub based on our skin type.

  • Normal/Oily/Combination Skin

With a normal, oily or combination skin, you have the luxury to scrub one to three times a week without damaging your facial skin. In fact, if your skin is oilier, you can use scrubs that will remove oil and minimize pore-clogging. L’bert Face Scrub for men his really an amazing scrub when it comes to oily skin. You can check out its reviews and you will absolutely be sure of it being the right scrub for your skin!

  • Sensitive/Dry/Acne-prone Skin

If your skin is dry or acne-prone or is sensitive, use a men’s scrub only once a week. Also, on days that you use face scrubs, avoid using face washes as that might dry your skin drastically. Be sure you do not rub scrubs on your acne as that might be painful and irritating for your skin. Also, use right face cream for men on your face to lock moisture and give your face a hydrated look.

Just because you are not stepping out of your home does not mean you do not take care of how to treat your body and face the right way.

Our Suggestion

While right now you cannot go out and purchase a scrub, we recommend you use some home-based, DIY Scrub on your face. But that does not help in the long run. Then, we would suggest you try the L’berts Face Scrub for men.

The scrub comes with multiple benefits for your skin like cleaning pores, tightening skin, removing excess oils and giving your face a hydrated look even after use!

Think of this time as a blessing and utilize it to use home-based remedies. Once this is over, buy a right face scrub and use it in the way we recommended. We are sure you will then not wonder how those celebs maintain their face and its glaze because you have the trick with yourself now.

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