How to gain weight safely with natural foods

Jun 12th 2014 at 10:10 PM

Eating, sleeping poorly, not absorb more nutrients from the food you eat every day, digestive diseases such as stomach pain, colitis or overwork or stress often .... the causes and manifestations of poor health, body lean and difficult to balance.
How to gain weight safely with natural foods 1

To improve weight and gaunt appearance entrenched, many people have adopted as how to gain weight fast: eat only focus, rice, oil, protein and fat to increase energy hollow, milk fat, eat more sweets or even many people also use drugs to help increase weight gain from 3-5 kg ​​in just 1 month ....

Whatever can see the results immediately gain weight as expected but the method most rapid weight gain on short-term consequences are brought to the user, such as an increased risk of gout, diabetes, heart pulse

blood pressure, obesity as body, weight gain due to the volume of water in the cell, memory loss, liver failure, kidney .... So, after a short course of weight gain, many people have sought to resolve the unfortunate consequences of weight gain due to the method gives unsafe.

Therefore, you should always remember that: " In the process of gaining weight, safety factor should always be top priority . "  So how to gain weight safely? First, find out what the specific cause is making you lean.

Cause you lean and how to fix it:   

- Eat less, palatable or not.  Eating a lot but not absorbed.

The fix:  Need to eat more foods rich in fiber, beneficial bacteria, micro-nutrients, vitamins, essential amino acids, antioxidants to help stimulate appetite, improve digestion, absorption food.

- Work stress, prolonged stress, sleepless nights

The fix:  Adjust the mode of living, proper rest. Claim dietary B vitamins and amino acids help relieve the strain on the nervous system, deep sleep, naturally.

- Ill with stomach, colon, digestive disorders.

The fix:  Treat the disease, while promoting beneficial bacteria, help the digestive system healthy, creating a foundation for the weight gain.

- Health weak, or sick Classified

Ans:  Nutritional supplements for body fully, to strengthen the resistance, regular moderate exercise effort to improve health

There is a natural foods can help to overcome all the reasons mentioned above, and it is important to help thin people gain weight while improving safety both on health issues such as Spirulina Algae sun.

This is a completely natural plant, contain very high nutritional content: 60-70% nitrogen (nitrogen in high quality algae is made up

of 18 of the total 20 axitamin, including 8 axitamin body can not be synthesized), full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ... Sprirulina Sun Tao is a perfect food for the safety of your weight gain because:

Helps the body absorb maximum nutrition from the food you eat every day due to the effect of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and fiber in seaweed enhances beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system, which helps the digestive system works better.

Providing over 100 essential nutrients, perfectly natural, the body can absorb more than 90% after 2 hours. Thus, there is good support for thin people eat less, your body lacks nutrients.

Bringing deep sleep, naturally, reduce feelings of tension, fatigue, work stress caused by the effects of the vitamin B group (B1 - B12) and 2 axitamin is Tryptophan, Phenylalanine.

Get more energy, enhance resistance by the natural antioxidant content such as: Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll, Beta - Carotene, Polysaccarid ... purify, detoxify the body.

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