How to Determine Whether Abortion Pills are Safe or Not?

Sep 3rd 2015 at 9:42 AM



Generally when women figures out that she is pregnant she tends to be very excited and happy but not in case of unwanted pregnancy or unwished pregnancy. The reasons behind not carrying the child could be personal and we don’t find the need to find out the reasons. We have seen cases in which the patient ignore the fact that she is pregnant thinking that the problem will go away on its own but it’s not the case with pregnancy as it is a serious condition and needs ample amount of medication to terminate early pregnancy.

Abortion process

What are the Safest Ways for Abortion?

Abortion can be classified into two categories namely surgical abortion and medical abortion. Surgical abortion is the procedure to terminate pregnancy in its second trimester and is quite a complicated medical procedure whereas on the other hand, second type of abortion which is known as medical abortion is the termination of pregnancy with the help of birth control pills, abortion pills or contraceptive pills which should be taken before the 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Basically, there are two most popular abortion pills which have settled down in the medical industry as the best abortion pills are namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This combination of abortion pills has full potentials in terminating the fetus safely out of the body. The use of these two medicines should be simultaneous in order to induce abortion effects. Most of the abortion pills have good abortion rate which ensure that the abortion is successful but in some case we have seen that maiden attempts with these two medicines have failed and another try was required to have a successful abortion. It is always better to double check whether it was a successful attempt.

We all know that medical abortion can practiced without the supervision of doctors and can easily be carried out at home but we suggest that it is better to seek help from experts who will guide you with the right directions of use. It will also help you to determine your condition as you are on the course of medication.

Some Pointers and Reminders Before you Start Off

Any medical remedies in the world have certain thumb rule which you need to follow. In other words, what we are trying to say is about the precautionary measures that are involved before taking any medication into your body to avoid side effects or other health disorders. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you start off with abortion pills:


  1. Ensuring that your fetus is completely been removed from inside is an important part as incomplete abortion can lead to the formation fetus in a very abnormal way which will produce an abnormal child which not most of the people wish to.
  2. Most of the women like to keep it a secret that they are on abortion pills but it is suggestive that you should use abortion pills in the company of others. If not a doctor at least be around your friend when you are on the medication in order to have somebody in case of emergency.
  3. Abortion pills are only effective if used before or in the 12th week of pregnancy. If your pregnancy has entered second trimester then you should go for Surgical Abortion in order to prevent serious complication to your sex life.
  4. Most people tend to use abortion pills on various other medications which just complicate the problem more. In this case, if you are going through other health problems, it is better you consult a doctor and take necessary help.
  5. The use of these abortion pills should be done very carefully because if anything goes wrong you may not be able to conceive ever again.


How to Buy Abortion Pills?

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