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How To Choose Right Perfume / Fragrance ?

Sep 15th 2010 at 3:13 PM
Shopping for the right perfume can really be a challenge at times! Choosing the right perfume will need loads of effort from your side; one that blends well with your personality and also suit your varying moods. So often, I have seen shoppers spraying various fragrances on the wrists, hoping this would help them to arrive to the right conclusion. If you think this is the right way in going about selecting the appropriate fragrance, then wait a sec! There are loads of things you need to know about perfumes and ways to go about selecting and applying these fragrances as well.Choosing The Right Perfume

Choosing the Right Perfume:
There are various kinds of perfumes that are available in the market. These can range from floral, fruity, fresh, energetic perfumes, oriental perfumes that are really exotic and woody fragrances that can make you feel you are amidst the greens. Different types of perfumes suit different occasions as well. You need to know what are the reasons behind buying the perfume. Fruity fragrances may suit daywear and the exotic oriental perfumes can gel well with the evening attire.

Before you go about selecting the perfume, you must remember never to spray more than two fragrances at a time. You must give time for the fragrance to unfold. Let the scent linger on to your skin. Most fragrances are delicate; therefore never rub them once you spray it on your wrist, as this will only ruin the composition.

Avoid sniffing the perfume immediately, once it has been sprayed onto the skin. This is because of the presence of alcohol in certain perfumes that can alter the way it smells. A perfume always has 3 stages- the top, middle and the base notes. The top note is the first stage and you cannot judge the fragrance of the perfume only on the first impression.

Any perfume also reacts as per the individual body scents of a person. Every person has a different scent, which is why, most perfumes smell differently when applied to different people. Therefore, when you try any new perfume, you must ensure you try it on your skin instead of those little strips of cardboard that the salesperson offers you. Once the perfume has been applied on the skin, wait for a few minutes. Always spray on the pulse points for a better diffusion of the scents.

When choosing the right perfume, you must take into account the climate of the particular place. A fragrance that suits the summer season may not really suit the winter season as well. The right fragrance of a perfume should also suit the occasions you are going to use it for. A strong fragrance may not really suit that important board meeting.

Always remember to avoid being influenced by the tall claims of the advertisers. Never choose your perfume without trying it out on your skin. The advertisement may claim a lot of things about the perfume, but the only way to know, if it would suit you, would be to try a tester or a sample of the same.

If you wish your scent should last longer, then don’t dab it only on the pulse points. Use it all over your body to ensure that the scent lasts for a longer time.
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Oct 1st 2010 at 11:11 PM by schmity58
Very informative article what would you suggest if you were buying for a friend.

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