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How to care for your feet if you suffer from diabetes mellitus

Jan 19th 2014 at 8:42 PM

According to studies, the main reason for admission of persons with diabetes in hospitals is foot problems.

This is because when the diabetes is unregulated can cause nerve damage (i.e. neuropathy) and into the bloodstream (i.e. angiopathy) and increased risk of infections.


Neuropathy results be reduced sensation of pain, temperature, pressure and touch. In practice this means that if there was any slight injuries in the legs (blister, scratch, cut) is likely not to be understood. The most frequent cause of minor injuries are shoes or lack thereof How do I know if I have neuropathy? If my legs burn, myrmigkiazoun, numb or painful should inform my doctor and chiropodist me to steer with. 2.

Vasculopathy has resulted in a reduction of blood flow to the feet. In conjunction with the smoking effect can be devastating. So if there angiopathy, the above minor injury will be difficult to heal. How do I know if I angiopathy? If I get cramps in my legs should inform my doctor and chiropodist me to steer with.  Chronic wounds (or ulcers) due usually a combination of factors.

What should I do now? sticking three different lists on my fridge (or any visible place like): Following these simple instructions will most likely not ever encountered a problem with my feet! 1.GENERAL • check my blood sugar regularly • Be careful what you eat and if I'm overweight to lose weight • Walk at least half an hour every day, unless I have sores on legs • To immediately stop smoking if you smoke • Visiting physician-diabetologist or my endocrinologist regularly  2.For my feet •

Every day I wash my feet in warm water with mild soap. To check the water temperature with your elbow first. Not footbath over 5 minutes! • After wiping my feet with dry towel especially between the toes. • Then put moisturizing cream or foam on the feet, especially the soles and heels. Not between the toes! Not on wounds! • Every day I check my feet for any minor injuries, redness, swelling or anything unusual. If you see something disturbing, I communicate with my doctor! •

Before putting on my shoes to check for existence of foreign bodies. My shoes are the right size, wide enough and deep, with smooth internal seams. I prefer shoes with laces. Always wear clean socks with them, which changed at least once a day. • There never walking barefoot. Not in the house! • There never walking barefoot on the beach. Neither in the sea! • Do not use sharp objects (scissors, scalpels or koftakia) or chemical (patches or solutions) to pamper my feet and remove keratoses / scabs. • Nails my rasp.

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