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How to be not to eat?

Jul 22nd 2014 at 9:02 PM

ody. You can connect the "old wives' recipes: brew fresh parsley and drink half a glass - the desire to eat an elephant as a hand lift. Help mouthwash mint infusion. Decoctions of the leaves of currant or raspberry fruit drinks unsweetened berries - another "grandma's" wise wand for hot summer. Before eating, you can drink a glass of tomato juice - and for the next three o'clock thought of food will leave you.
The second way. Diarize

Publish everything that happens during the day, in his microblog - present craze among Internet users. If there is such a passion and you try to send it to the right and a more useful direction: write down everything you eat in a diary.

And publish it all online optionally - regular notebook or notepad amiss. Such a method makes us think before every meal: "Do I really want to eat 10 pieces of chocolate bars, write it down, and in the evening to stay in the throes of conscience?"

The third way. Competently snacking

First place in the low-calorie foods for snacking takes carrots (1 piece - only about 10 calories). It is full of carotene and other nutrients - so nibbled on health. But do not forget that vitamin A (beta-carotene) is a fat soluble, so it is best to cook fresh and add a spoonful of olive oil.

Amiss for snacking and yogurt with 1.5% fat th (only 120 calories), it contains lactic acid bacteria, useful for digestion and immunity.

All citrus fruits are low in calories (one orange or grapefruit - no more than 80 calories, besides a lot of zinc, selenium, vitamins A, C, E), so choose the flavor and color. A great option - an apple. But not eat the whole thing at once, and prolonging the pleasure: fruit cut into slices, and slowly have fun. If you can not without a sweet, spread a layer of apples honey. Only a thin!

Some like snacking on nuts. It makes sense. At 20 grams of walnut cuts - about 120 calories - can afford a small dose of 50 grams. And even necessary - in the nuts a lot of iodine, folic acid and vitamins B. You can dilute walnut dried fruit company. Yes, prunes, dried apricots, raisins and other sweets enough calories, they have a lot of glucose, but at the same time dried fruits are easily digested and are not deposited with fat on the hips and waist. And in the same prunes, for example, a lot of vegetable fiber, it normalizes bowel function and displays the body of toxins.

By the way, if you're an incorrigible sweet tooth, instead of chocolate bars and cakes, snacking suggested marshmallow. There is practically no fat, but there is pectin - vegetable matter, which is useful for the gastrointestinal tract. And pectin reduces cholesterol in the body. But marshmallows too keen on not worth it.

The fourth way. Do not ignore breakfast

From what would be breakfast, depends on how fast you were starved again. At breakfast, the facility has to contain 25% of the daily requirement for protein. The protein stimulates the pancreas hormone responsible for converting fat into energy, which is accumulated in our cells. After a protein-rich breakfast you do not want to again so quickly eat something.

Those who are in a hurry refuses breakfast at risk of gaining weight. The fact is that after a while after dinner you go to bed, the metabolic processes in your body also "fall asleep." A breakfast - it's like morning exercise, which again starts in the body these processes. If there is no breakfast, the body continues to laze around, it does not have the strength to burn calories (studies show that those who eat breakfast, metabolism is 5% more intense than that ignored the morning meal). And it is fraught with unnecessary "detail" on the hips and waist.

From the standpoint of nutritionists, ideal products for breakfast - scrambled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, fish (but not fried and baked) or cheese omelet. Try protein shakes: they include no carbs - only proteins.

You can add a cocktail of fresh berries or fruit - will eat, and doubly useful. A slice of bread, wholemeal or buckwheat also very useful - it sources of "good" carbohydrates.

Way to fifth. Move more

Good enough for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, so that the body has launched the process of burning fat. After portions fitness appetite dulled. And in general: the movement - the enemy of hunger and overeating following it, so be active.

Find something to do at home, arrange a fitness walk to the market for vegetables (45 minutes walk - minus 300 calories), forget about the existence of an elevator in your house (for the 10-minute daily walk up the stairs and down

- minus 5 kg per year) buy a subscription to the pool (h relaxing swim - cross out 300 calories) or just clean up the house (30 minutes of cleaning - it is minus 120 calories). In general, combine the useful with ... helpful.

Way to sixth. Hide in the bathroom

Evening bath works wonders - and soothes and reduces appetite. In hot water you propoteete good (along with the extra toxins leave), relax, and after relaxation is unlikely to find the strength to storm the fridge and cook anything.

You can experiment with flavors. Aromas of reducing hunger - mint, vanilla, green apple, cinnamon, anise, lavender. Add the essential oils into the water, and if you do not like a bath - then aromalampu. Grapefruit (enough, by the way, just peel of citrus smell) is also excellent fights bouts of hunger.

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