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How the pregnant woman does reacts to stress

Jul 1st 2014 at 9:32 PM

How the pregnant woman does reacts to stress? During pregnancy, hormonal women become so different that sometimes pregnant doctors call the "third sex." Number one hormone decreases, and the amount of other increases.

That's why women in this period become overly emotional, whiny and irritable. In addition, during pregnancy and modified some functions of the nervous system. Uterus controls the autonomic nervous system.isa Olsen Start Programs Pregnancy Miracle Review

It operates autonomously and is responsible for the regulation of blood flow and motility. In addition, the autonomic system also controls the heart, bladder, intestines, blood vessels and bronchi.

During pregnancy, the autonomic nervous system as it informs the whole body of the birth of a new life, thus causing them to suffer some changes. The autonomic nervous system is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic system.

They have the opposite effect on the same set of organs. The sympathetic nervous system "works" when hit man in an emergency situation. Body sends energy to the heart palpitations, increased sweating and salivation, accelerated breathing.

The parasympathetic nervous system is associated with the opposite relaxed state energy into digestion, breathing and equalization rate, to calm and sleep. It is important to know that stress during pregnancy involves the sympathetic nervous system and it includes the production of stress hormones, and this will include the opposite pattern for the desired pregnancy.Get Entertainment News

When "Simpatico" begin sharply narrowed vessels, and there is a sharp outflow of blood from the bodies that we do not need to throw at the enemy.

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