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How I lost weight: True Stories

Jul 21st 2014 at 9:38 PM

By graduation I was able to noticeably lose weight due to a non-system constraints and power running . For a while I was able to hold it and then return to traditional dishes, but not for long. Clothing again became too small, had to change the dimensions, first slowly and then faster and faster. At some point, driven to despair,

I even paid for and passed the "coding", which left me feeling soup ax - a session of hypnosis training manual was attached with a pretty ordinary diet, which should adhere to. Logically, a diet brought some fruit , to 25 years it is simple,,5464,5464#msg-5464

but the rate of weight loss is not able to maintain sufficient motivation in me, and I fell with her, no methods of psychological influence could not prevent this. There were many other diets, and even attempts to do hated sports, but only goal became more and more distant.

Despite this, I did not stop and searches at random, still got on a diet, slimming speed at which suited me. Not even trying to understand exactly how it affects my body, enthusiastically had breakfast sausage and cheese dined losing weight.

Perhaps someone has already guessed that it was popular in its time "Kremlevka" written off with diet Atkinson . Young body had still sufficient margin of safety, and the quiet bells, that is not okay, even I was not paying attention.

But at some point ceased to decrease weight and even started rollbacks, although I clearly adhered to all the rules. It became obvious that the possibility of losing weight this way exhausted and requires more rigorous diet.

Gradually I slipped on boiled chicken and low-fat cottage cheese , which allowed me to achieve the cherished 50 kg.

But, alas, happy end on this point is not consummated. Was much easier to lose weight than to keep this new, not natural for my body weight. It became apparent that it is necessary to form a diet, which I will stick to comfortable enough to hold it for the rest of life, at least the part of it that I want to live without excess weight.

It turned out that the range of dietary products is not so limited, I got a lot of amazing discoveries, but almost all need some way to cook what I never could.

Sonia Rudenko.  Before and after
Sonia Rudenko. Before and after
That's gradually learned to do in the kitchen tasty but diets. And, since I do not just love to eat, and there are lots of love, all of my recipes, as she had called them, "orthodox diet": extremely low-calorie, no simple carbohydrates and saturated fats, while quite simple and really delicious. Of course, taste - is an individual matter, and in addition, variable. I was able to dramatically change their dietary preferences and sincere love for vegetables, fish, eggs, which make up the bulk of my diet. Do not forget about the fat, so eat nuts, flax seeds, give preference to oily sea fish, now in search of "my dish" with avocado.

The food took a main part of my life, which in itself is unnatural and bad. On the other hand, because of this I started to blog, which is read and usefully used by many people. Found a new direction, which is gradually becoming much more than just a hobby, and hopefully, eventually take the place of the main lessons of my life and this is the case, I sincerely impressed and I can help others, awareness of what is important for my self-esteem and feelings self-realization.

Sasha Versailles: fell in love with the coach (was - 73 kg, was the - 63 kg)

How many can remember, has always been a major and dreamed of one - to lose weight. So life has been like a roller coaster: you eat, you do not eat. 2.5 years ago with the growth of 176 cm I weighed 73 kg.

It would seem relatively small deviations from the norm, but it all looked sadly, those extra pounds I obviously did not go. Zhirok postponed on the belly and sides, which could not develop in me a certain inferiority complex "because I can look much better, why not use it???"

With stable frequency diet gave a blunder, and the weight will not swam. Instead of resorting to the most favorite activities, namely whining and complaints about malicious genes, I found a steep coach and ... fell in love with him.

Since it began - I can not imagine my life without sports, and my coach - now my future husband - in all my support.

As an example, could not have breakfast in the morning, but I knew that it was necessary, because the training is only 20% success rate, and the remaining 80% - correct (balanced) meals, and now without it just does not represent the beginning of your day. When clearly decided that sports and fitness exercise

- it's mine, it's understanding that you need to radically change your lifestyle. All that hard at first given, eventually become a habit.

Of course, work on yourself - it's work! But when you see how changing your body as you are doing, what previously could not, as you become an example for others - all this gives the charge and stimulus without that simply can not imagine my life!

And most importantly, even obvious - at the beginning necessarily need a competent and adequate mentor who will direct, prompt and share their precious experience!

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