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How creatine works?

Nov 17th 2015 at 2:46 AM

Filing an effort of a low intensity (60% of maximum effort or even less) using a biological system for the production of ATP. People who do exercises at this low intensity will not benefit from creatine supplementation as there is enough oxygen to create ATP needed this training.

We've all experienced it firsthand probably when we get on the 6th repeat a set and started to feel the "burn". What actually happens is the installation process of creating ATP by lactic system, which is the result and lactic acid.

But what happens when you train up to 100% intensity? The lactic already no longer cope with the demands, therefore comes into play phosphocreatine system that produces ATP from ADP (adenosine diphosphate).

ATP generates energy by yielding a molecule of phosphate (starting with 3 molecules). ATP becomes ADP (diphosphate - 2 molecules). ATP is regenerated by taking over one molecule of phosphate from creatine phosphate, ADP to ATP converting.

The desire to stimulate fast twitch fibers to muscles to develop at full capacity, our training involves using imperious phosphocreatine system. Now I think it's understandable why creatine phosphate production is strictly necessary to enable us to train at a higher intensity, stimulating more fiber and ultimately contributing to building muscle.

Bodybuilders trying to maximize this dose of creatine supplementing it (usually 10-40%). The classical method to accomplish this is further saturate cells with creatine then you stay with loads of five days supply of 20 grams per day, followed by 5 grams in coming days.

There is scientific research that has proven creatine dosage ciclicizarii, but recommended apause after 8 weeks Uses continue.

Why take creatine?

· you will have a much higher dose of energy that will help you perform more reps (more repetitions - much stimulation - more muscle)

· in terms of aesthetics, you'll seem more "well done"

· it is possible to exceed the recovery process faster which means you and increases in mass faster

· it is possible to increase the rate of protein synthesis

Possible side effects

The most common side effects of creatine include diarrhea, cramps, dizziness and stomachpain. If you divide the dose throughout the day and not take the whole amount at the same time, reduce the chances of being affected by these negative symptoms. Since carry water creatine in muscle tissue, it is possible to get dehydrated if you do not drink enough fluids while manage this supplement. Among the more serious side effects should be noted kidney problems, liver or heart, arising from the use of large amounts of creatine.

Please note!

Given that the kidneys are processing that creatine if it has kidney disease or diabetes should avoid using creatine because of the possible emergence of new health problems. Are pregnant or postpartum should avoid creatine as well. The safety of creatine in those periods not yet been studied enough.

Specialist advice

Order creatine from a producer who is renowned for reliable manifested. Purity supplements is rarely monitored by bodies that oversee food and medicine.


In the following video we can follow a few tips about the effects and creatine offered by certified persons in the field of fitness and bodybuilding:

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