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How can I lose weight responsibly: the foundation of a good diet? - James Ward

Apr 1st 2015 at 6:53 AM

With nearly all the diets you can lose 5 to 10% of your total weight. But unfortunately, these diets are almost never "lose weight responsibly 'in the category. Irresponsible, quick, simplistic, misguided and most rigorous diets work the first weeks very well; extremely well; actually too good” said by James Ward. Unfortunately, it is because deceiving. People who want to lose weight, always watching because their weight and read this via the arrow on their scales. Nice that you scale the first few weeks you will see that is lighter, but unfortunately your scale does not see that you will only get lighter because you lose water and muscle and no fat.

Start losing weight

Before you start a diet you should also remember that there is no easy or swift weight loss method who also healthy, responsible and lasting. There are no diet pills or miracle cures that cause you to lose excess pounds quickly without having to make an effort. Any diet or diet pill that claims that this is indeed possible, pertinent nonsense. Responsible weight loss is done with a diet that combines the following three components:

Healthy eating (moderate + varied)
High nutritional value, so sufficient nutrients and no empty calories
Regular exercise (to speed up your metabolism)

Responsible weight loss: Tips

Here are some tips for a healthy, moderate, varied and moreover permanent way to lose weight...

1. Healthier ingredients

Make your favorite dishes from now on a low-calorie way finished. Like for example tacos delicious? Make them agree with chicken or beef tartare instead of full-fat minced pork. Do you like pasta, whole wheat pasta instead of white please paste; and use less pasta and more fresh vegetables (zucchini, peppers, eggplant, etc.). Exchange finally soft drinks, fruit juices, syrups and dairy drinks mostly for water and tea. This kind of small care in your diet on a weekly basis enormous calories and nor are they still good.

2. They look way less

Eat just a little less than normal. According to Cruise Control Diet Review if you normally eat four slices of bread at lunch, do not go on a diet where you only allowed to eat one sandwich. You then have too little energy for the rest of the afternoon. So eat 3 instead of 4 sandwiches. If you eat 100 calories a day soon less and still get hungry. Scoop your plate full but not 2 times 1 times. Or use smaller dishes. Pour glass not to the brim, but only halfway. Through these small changes, you never know that you're on a diet, but overall you bring your calorie intake huge back!

3. Move, move, move

In most popular diets exercise hardly been addressed. Yet it is one of the key components of sound weight loss. You really do not need half marathon to run to lose weight. Three or four times a week for at least a half hour walk is enough if you normally barely moving. This extra exercise you will not only spot burn calories; also your metabolism will work faster and in addition you will begin to feel fitter.

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