Hormones and women

Jun 8th 2014 at 10:37 PM

The good news is that pregnancy and hormones that women work in the body and released, not only the body but also the psyche of future mothers adapt.

Of course, even if a woman does not underestimate the preparation of a responsible approach to the whole course of pregnancy, childbirth and everything associated with it stressful. In addition, it is a very demanding physical exertion.

It produces in the woman's stress response. It shows, for example, tremor, anxiety, pallor, sweating, rapid breathing, increased blood pressure,

heart palpitations. Ruddick may have nausea or vomiting indeed. The culprit is the increased level of catecholamine hormones, particularly cortical. It's a natural reaction, the female body is a certain amount of stress and fear ready

. Excessive increase in cortical but can complicate the birth process. It undermines the uterine activity and reduces blood flow to the placenta. This can affect the supply of oxygen to the fetus.

I therefore throughout the birth process monitors the fetus, or its heartbeat to cardio to co graph. The obstetrician reports the changes that occur,|-womens-health-programs

and that he can adapt to the management of labor. So do not worry that you have a monitor attached - everything that's going on in the hall, is designed to ensure the safety of the mother and the fetus.

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