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Ranjeeta Mundhra | ranjeetamundhra

Herbs That Can Help You Sleep

Jun 8th 2015 at 3:50 AM

Trouble getting sound sleep? You should try sleep promoting herbal tea infusions. The following article talks about five herbs that can be combined with tea, and consumed before bedtime, to help promote sleep.


The use of herbs in teas isn't new. Tea infusions can help address a variety of health problems, and lack of sleep is also one of them. However, There is no herb that particularly offers sedative effects to help with sleep. Rather the herbs that are known to promote sleep, do so by helping calm down your nerves and relieve your body and mind of stress, which are common causes of sleep issues.


Here are five of them.

Sleep promoting herbs


  1. Chamomile - One of the most popular teas for sleep is chamomile. Even though there’s little evidence on chamomile having sedative effects, it’s consumed by many tea drinkers religiously before sleep. Research is on way to prove how beneficial and helpful chamomile tea can be for sleep. While chamomile infusion teas are easily available in all supermarkets and online tea stones, preparing it at home is also pretty easy. Simply dry some freshly plucked chamomile flowers in sunlight, and add them along with your regular tea leaves, in a pot of hot water.

  2. Lavender - Lavender is also used as an infusion for teas that are meant to de-stress and promote sleep. While lavender too has no proven sedative effects, it’s aroma is known to soothe and calm down the nerves therefore helping with sleep.

  3. Peppermint - Though peppermint is largely associated with helping cure stomach ailments and providing energy, it can also help promote sleep sometimes. A cup of peppermint tea can be particularly beneficial when you’ve had a tummy full of food, and that’s making you too uneasy to be able to sleep.

  4. Valerian - It’s one of the few herbs that have actually shown to offer sedative properties. Though many may not be aware of this herb and its properties, it has been in use as a traditional medicine since a long time ago, to help with anxiety and sleep. When being used in tea, the roots of this herb is used. Moreover, it may take a few weeks of consuming this tea regularly before visible benefits are seen.

  5. Kava Kava - It is a common herb used for herbal medicinal formulations, and requires consulting with a doctor before using it in tea preparations.This is because kava kava, though an effective remedy for insomnia, poses certain health risks. However, once confirmed that the herb does not pose allergy or other problems for your health, it can offer great results to treat insomnia.


Among the above however, chamomile tea is the most popular and widely consumed.


Which of the above herbs have you used in your tea preparations to cope with sleep problems? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below. And, to buy chamomile tea online, or other herbal infusions like tulsi green tea online, visit us at

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