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Heavy Weights In Bodybuilding

May 6th 2013 at 7:49 AM

Weak forearm - the limiting factor when using heavy weights in bodybuildingWeak forearm is a limiting factor in the use of heavy weights in bodybuilding and not only that.

Weak, under-developed forearm muscle group, which, although they were almost always in practice little attention (if any), but paradoxically it is for all muscle groups most "at sight".

It boasts a great biceps and triceps, but if you follow them disproportionately weak forearms that "stick out" of the polo and t-shirts, so any positive impression is gone. And it takes so little...

So now we have two compelling reasons why the muscles of the forearm to pay proper attention it deserves I understand that often in training the whole body can not be "marginal" partied such as calves and forearms, give the necessary space, but certainly we should not forget the forearm in split training sessions Triceps brachii

I am reminded here calf and it is not at all accidental, because both muscle groups have a similar fate - treat them "harshly" and need most for their development similar type of training.

Because consist predominantly of red muscle fibers, it is necessary to practice the higher rep and 15 to 25 in series.

Undoubtedly, such training is not just enjoyable, it can rather be described as painful (especially the calf)In both cases, the muscles fill with blood up to the maximum pumping. In principle, calf and forearm muscle portions of whose development is perhaps not overdo it.( READ FULL STORY )

And both games are also strongly influenced by genetics - and calves is well known

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