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Healthy choices in vegan diet

May 26th 2014 at 9:32 PM

Decades of experience, which have resulted in over one million vegans today have shown that proper vegan diet can support good health at all stages of life and reduce the risk of heart disease . has confirmed this independent scientific studies. The Vegan Society suggests a diet that includes a variety of cooked and raw foods as the proven basis of a healthy vegan life , especially for toddlers.

More information can be found in the book Plant Based Nutrition and Health («Plant Based Nutrition and Health") of Stephen Walsh. The Vegan Society UK (and soon Greece) provides many useful information via the website -? Use our search engine to find more and consult the relevant links on each page you visit.

Like any other form of diet, some vegan eating habits provide more nutrients than others. White bread, hydrogenated margarine and crisps, typically considered vegan meal, but a plurality of such cleaning will not have the benefit of a correct ordinary vegan diet in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Bananas are healthy food in general, but if someone tries to live only with bananas will become ill from failure in about ten important nutrients. The basic principle for health is eating a wide variety of plant foods , including many vegetables and fruits with bright colors . Each food has different strengths

, so the less the variety of foods we consume, the greater the probability of not satisfying the needs of our organization. Vegetables and fruits provide many important vitamins and minerals along with many other chemical elements.

Generally, the stronger the color of the food, the better. 's dark green vegetables such as kale and weeds, leaving the cabbage, lettuce and cucumber in the shade. 's over-processed foods that have lost much of the nutrient content components or transformed into unnatural and harmful forms should be used as rarely,

if at all. Hydrogenation of vegetable oils is one of the worst forms of treatment, as it produces unnatural trans-fats have the worst effect on the increase in cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease than the usual saturated fat. Hydrogenated fat is found in most fast foods, margarines, donuts and biscuits,

and some vegan sausages and burgers. Choose unprocessed foods and products that say they contain no hydrogenated fat. Refined grains should not occupy much of the vegan diet, and whole grains have been associated with many health benefits

At the same time, especially for the elderly and children, is very important to not load the body with more fibers than can manage: some people work best with the crude rice than to wheat as it is lower in fiber and very rarely associated with allergies and intolerances. In conventional diet,

animal products are seen as a key source of protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12 while dairy products are seen as a key source of calcium. however, many do not know that the zinc and iron can be found in useful amounts in most whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes and vegans are no more likely to suffer anemia than anyone else . Protein is found in sufficient quantities in most plant foods:

it is relatively low in fruits, potatoes and rice, but particularly high in legumes. About t the calcium, 100 grams of kale, collard greens, Chinese cabbage or provide the same amount of calcium in a glass of cow's milk. If you consume enough vegetables such, you can be confident in your bone health.

Though avoid such vegetables, two cups of fortified soy milk (about 300 milligrams of calcium per cup) is enough. It is best to consume foods both because each has its advantages as well as calcium: green leafy vegetables provide folate, vitamin K and vitamin C while the soy milk provides protein in very healthy shape

, usually with Vitamin D and B12 . A large portion of dark green vegetables rich in calcium and one cup of soy milk every day is an excellent combination. Along with plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals , you can be sure that the diet is providing all the necessary nutrients ingredients in abundance, including vitamins C, K,

folic acid, potassium and magnesium, in amounts much greater than they are omnivorous diet. Certain nutrients need more attention. Unless use fortified soy milk, you must include in your diet some other foods are fortified with B12 or take a supplement.

The B12 is not certain that is not unfortified plant foods in the amounts needed for optimal health, so do not risk it: use B12 fortified foods or dietary supplements and make sure you get at least three micrograms a day. particular nutrient components provided by specific plant foods:

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