Health - What Vitamin Supplements to Lose Weight

Nov 28th 2015 at 9:45 AM

Two major principles of weight loss is to reduce intake and increase consumption, the best possible two-pronged approach, on the one hand to adjust the diet, on the one hand to strengthen the movement, both in a healthy way to lose weight, but also shorten the time to lose weight. In addition, the multi-vitamin supplements for weight loss is also very helpful, and the fact that no matter what kind of way to lose weight is to take vitamin supplements are not negligible.

Weight loss diet, vitamin B complex essential

In dieting means to lose weight, eat the food due to the reduction in the intake of various vitamins make joint becomes less likely to cause a variety of symptoms of vitamin deficiency, resulting in weight loss effects. But in fact vitamin itself does not heat, some can help metabolic heat, for example: vitamin B group in the B1, B2, B6 and B12 can promote the metabolism of fat, protein, carbohydrate, with burn fat, prevent fat accumulation in vivo effect. The main source of these vitamins are whole grains, fruits and vegetables and milk and eggs, especially whole grains have a low-calorie, high vitamin benefits, people who lose weight often do not eat, in fact, can be replaced with whole grains, both a sense of satiety, but also help lose weight. The currently very popular beer yeast, but also because rich in vitamin B group and become weight-loss products saint.

Sports diet, you must add more vitamin C

To exercise to lose weight will be a lot of sweat, resulting in a water-soluble vitamin C and B group loss supplement should be strengthened, so as to avoid nutritional imbalance. In addition, in order to avoid movement during the generation of free radicals cause harm to humans, it is best to add more vitamin E, C and ß-carotene.

Whether to reduce the intake or increase consumption of vitamin intake should pay attention, not only to avoid the weight loss process due to vitamin deficiency and affect their health, but also improve the efficiency of weight loss Oh!

Inadequate intake of vitamin B group will lead to obesity?

Obesity is a metabolic state of imbalance, and vitamin B group is the impact of important nutrients our body metabolism, therefore, inadequate intake of vitamin B group will indeed lead to obesity.

But caused adverse metabolic obesity

Many Papan friends dare not eat, because the main ingredient is rice starch, starch will be more worried about eating fat; Papan people did not dare to eat meat, eggs, fear of cholesterol is too high, not only fat, but also affect health.

In fact, these foods which are rich in vitamin B group, if not completely absorb, or have an impact on the body, such as: lack of vitamin B1, the body can not be smoothly converted to glucose heat; lack of essential fat burning vitamin B2, will affect the metabolism of body fat, so fat accumulation caused by obesity; without the help of vitamin B6, the body can not successfully metabolize protein; and a lack of vitamin B12 metabolism of fatty acids can not be successful and will lead to fat, protein and carbohydrates can not be the proper use of the body.

Do not eat rice, meat, milk, eggs can not get enough of the vitamin B complex, vitamin B group no body can not metabolize calories smoothly, resulting in fat accumulation. The more we want to avoid eating those who think they will be fat food, the more likely to cause bias on nutrient intake, and form a vicious circle, some people lose weight but Yuejianyuefei, is the reason. In fact, every kind of food, each nutrient has its own special features, ideal weight should be based on a balanced diet.



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