Health: Autism - Could Your Child Be Suffering From ADHD?

Jun 19th 2011 at 11:08 PM

Aspergers support group

Have you ever been called a freak or a geek?
Have you ever felt like one?
Luke Jackson is 13 years old and has Asperger Syndrome. Over the years Luke has learned to laugh at such names but there are other aspects of life which are more difficult. Adolescence and the teenage years are a minefield of emotions, transitions and decisions and when a child has Asperger Syndrome, the result is often explosive.


Could Your Child Be Suffering From ADHD?




The mind is a complex thing and so can be a child’s behavior. Some child behaviors may seem extraordinary to a parent who is unfamiliar with psychological disorders that can manifest early in childhood. Hyperactivity, playfulness, short attention spans, and tantrums are quite common behaviors among very young children. However, if such actions become extremely difficult to manage and prolongs to late childhood or adolescent, it could already be a sign of something serious, such as ADHD.

Fortunately for parents, new systems and programs are now in place, including ADHD Schools, that help families deal with their child’s behavioral problems. But with the recent discoveries and studies about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), would it be safe for you, the parents, to assume that this is what your teenager could be suffering from based on sheer observation?

Many ADD and ADHD symptoms closely resemble that of mood and bipolar disorders except that treatments vary significantly and should be defined. Experts advice parents to approach a specialist if they suspect ADHD as a culprit of their child’s unusual behavior because only they can arrive at a clinical diagnosis. What parents can do to help is to note their child’s exhibited behavior in order to be able to discuss this in detail with a professional, and find out whether their child should be enrolled in an ADHD School or not.What are the symptoms of ADD and ADHD?

Observance of symptoms should be based on the way your teenager acts or interacts to a stimulus, such as:..............


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