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HEADACHE relief with teas and herbs!

Jan 12th 2011 at 7:09 AM

There are other ways to treat a headache besides using aspirin or medications. Perhaps you never gave much thought to something as natural as TEA, ROOTS, or SEEDS.

If you can discover the healing powers of acupressure or shiatsu therapy, then why not consider the following herbs as your assistants also?

Finger pressure and herbs used together make a great healing team. After all, for over 3,000 years the Chinese have used herbs like tea and other types of leaves, roots, and seeds to heal many illnesses.

Even around 800 A.D., tea was favored in India, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia, and today these countries grow & export tea all over the world.

Tea didn’t make its way into the Netherlands until the early 1600’s. At that time, it also became popular with the English. It wasn’t until 1640 that English researchers found it offered significant relief for headache sufferers. Somewhere around the 17th century, tea finally made its way to American soil.

Today the popularity of tea is such that some countries have adopted a custom called “tea time” which usually takes place twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.

It’s an excellent way to just “TAKE A BREAK” and relax. Let’s take a closer look at just exactly what tea is and a few precautionary notes.

Tea belongs to the Camellia family, and next to water, it’s the most important beverage as well as the most widely used herbal medicine in the world.

The actual tea plants are similar to an evergreen tree and can grow up to 30’ tall if not properly cultivated.

The Chinese call black tea leaves “pekho” which the English renamed to “pekoe.” Black tea leaves are dried and fermented for their distinctive flavor. Green tea leaves are just dried and not fermented. If you normally don’t drink tea, you may want to start with a sweetener of your choice.

Over the centuries, tea leaves have not only been used for headaches but for other illnesses as well.

It was discovered that tea leaves could help with coughs, colds, fever, inflammation, respiratory, and menstrual concerns as well as soothing depression, dysentery, & diarrhea.

Scientists have also reported tea to be a good source of fluoride, but it also stains teeth.

Tea is made up of three stimulating chemicals, caffeine, theophylline, & theobromine.

Physicians often prescribe pharmaceutical preparations of theophylline for patients with asthma because it acts like bronchodilators that open bronchial passages so those suffering can breath easier.

Tannins are also found in tea, and they contain catechins that are reported to help prevent tissue damage from radiation.

With their antiviral action, tannins help keep the radioactive strontium 90 out of bone marrow. Tannins are also used to treat hepatitis. Studies using tea on animals have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and to even prevent leukemia.

“WARNINGS regarding the use of teas”

Caffeine in tea is only about half that of coffee, but it’s still an addictive chemical that can produce acids inside your stomach if taken in excessive quantities.

Researchers have discovered that caffeine is linked to birth defects and should not be used during pregnancy or nursing. Weaker tea solutions should be used for children under two years of age and adults over 65.

Here’s a list of a few herbs and teas that are known for providing relief from headaches.

GINSENG, one of the most popular herbs, is also called the root of immortality. It’s widely known to minimize the effects of stress, aging, radiation, alcohol, & drugs by affecting the adrenocortical system (adrenal glands). Boil root 10 minutes. It’s somewhat earthy tasting and may need a sweetener of choice.

FEVERFEW belongs to the daisy, dandelion, and marigold family and is usually sold in capsule or powder form. (1 capsule = 2 tea leaves). This is an herb that usually works well for migraine headache sufferers.

HOREHOUND is another herb that is soothing for headaches resulting from flu, plus it has healing powers for severe or continuous sore throat and cough. Boil 1 bag for 2 cups, & add 2 Tbs. Honey or sweetener of choice. The Chinese name for Horehound is “HO YAN HOR” for those who are lucky enough to have an herbalist in your city! Everyone else will have to find these products in their local health food store or nutrition center.

ROSEMARY hasn’t been used much as a tea ever since it was discovered as an herb for preserving & cooking meats. Research shows that it was also used for nervous headaches, indigestion, muscle pain, and depression. Mix 1 tsp. Ground rosemary with ¼ tsp. Ginger, & boil for up to 10 minutes. It’s bitter as a tea. So try 2 Tbs. honey or sweetener of choice. The Food & Drug Administration regards rosemary as safe to use. Excessive use can cause an upset stomach.

HOLY THISTLE (or blessed thistle as it is sometimes called) is an excellent herb for a nasty migraine headache. This little miracle worker has qualities of strengthening your memory as well as soothing your brain. Holy Thistle is also good for your kidneys, liver, and lungs because it actually cleanses your blood. “Now that’s a blessing in itself!”

FENUGREEK seeds can be taken whole, ground, or in tea bags. They are excellent for migraine headaches, sore throats, coughs, ulcers, allergies, digestion, intestinal inflammation, and for anyone who suffers from that wicked breathing disorder, emphysema.

VIOLET is used for severe headaches as well because it relieves pressure inside your head.

Many of these herbs can be found in almost any well-stocked drug or health food store. Because they are natural, they will normally cost a little more than a large bottle of aspirin. It just gives more options as to how you’re going to shake that “HEAD POUNDER” of a headache you have.

If you’re one of those people who has headaches all the time and don't want to use herbs or teas then you may want to try the AbsolutelyNew Headache Reliever. Helps relieve migraines and tension headaches via hot/cold gel packs. Order today and make those headaches go away.

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