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Head Tumor - An Insight

Oct 26th 2015 at 12:20 AM

A swelling of any kind, on any part of the body with or without inflammation, which is caused by the abnormal growth of the tissues is known as a tumour. It can be malignant or bening and can be of many types. These tumours can come in different organs in the body like kidney, lungs, breast, testicles etc.  Kidney Tumour, breast Tumour and Lung Tumour are some of the common ones that we come across nowadays.

When there is head tumour, even the smallest one will cause signs and symptoms, but in cases of belly tumour, symptoms may appear at a later stage. There are different causes for tumours. Some of them are:

· Environmental  toxins (like exposure to radiation)

· Genetic  History

· Local injury or trauma

· Infection

· stress

· Tobacco smokers - These people are more prone to develop lung tumor, throat tumor, kidney tumor and mouth cancer. The more you smoke, the greater the chance of developing a tumor.

· Workplace chemicals - If you work with chemicals like asbestos, formaldehyde and benzene without any protection, you are at risk of developing a tumor.

· Age-  As the person grows old, the probablity of developing tumor is more. This is mainly due to accumulation of the damaged cells in the body. As age advances, the ability to repair damaged cells becomes weak and the immune system becomes less efficient.

The tumor need not always mean cancer. They can be bening, pre-malignant or malignant. It maybe solid or can be filled with fluid.  In case of head tumor, the following symptoms are commonly seen:

· Headaches

· Seizures

· Nausea or Vomitting

· Fatigue

· Personality or memory changes

· loss of balance

· sluggishness

· Muscle weakness

· Vision changes

· Difficulty in swallowing

· Difficulty in looking upwards

If one or more of the symptoms persists for a while, it is better to consult your doctor. The earlier the treatment taken, the better the prognosis. Some type of tumors require detailed and further treatment while some of them will resolve with medication.


· Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of developing tumors as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They protect the body cells against harmful chemicals. It is advisable to have atleast five portions of vegetables and fruits every day.

· Avoid intake of fatty food

· Decrease the intake of alcohol consumption

· Regular Exercise helps in increasing the immune levels of the body.

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