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Having tooth ache ? Call Emergency dentist in Rochdale for help!

Jun 19th 2015 at 12:07 AM

Tooth ache is the worst ache one can suffer from. It can take away your sigh of relief at times. Practically you can tolerate pain occurring at any other site in your body but the tooth ache can really kill you with no exceptions. Odontogenic pain is the most painful pain indeed!

Importance of teeth!

Teeth are the most valuable asset bestowed by god to us. There are 32 pearls per human dentition. Teeth gives us beautiful smiling curve, we are able to eat and chew food properly because of teeth. We look good because of teeth. We are able to speak because of teeth. Hence forth teeth are essential not only for eating and chit-chatting but also for external appearance. Teeth share an equal equation with the cheeks, tongue and other musculature thereby playing an important role in Stomatognathic system. Therefore, it is important to take care of the teeth if we want to take care of ourselves.

How to take care of your teeth?

· Brush your teeth twice daily.

· Use mouth wash and floss for removing debris from the teeth inside narrow areas.

· Rinse your mouth after every meal.

· Visit your dentist at regular intervals.

Dental Emergencies!

Dental emergency not only means tooth pain. It involves other conditions as well. It includes-

· Reversible Pulpitis

· Irreversible pulpitis

· Abscess

· Cellulitis

· Pericoronitis

· Tooth fracture

· Tooth luxation

· Cyst

· Jaw Fracture

· TMJ fracture

· Cyst

· Periapical lesions

· Inflammation

· Restoration fracture

Role of Emergency Dentist:

The prerequisite for an emergency management is formulation of a proper plan of action including its proper and rapid execution as per desideratum. The Emergency Dentist plays an important role in reducing your pain. If you are suffering from excruciating pain, it means there is something offending and serious. An emergency dentist comes as a rescue to you. He can prescribe medications for lowering down the inflammation process or can drain the abscess to give you relief. He can repair the fractured restorations providing you a relief if its irritating your mucosa and causing you pain and discomfort. The main emergencies in dentistry which are of utmost importance to an emergency includes the replacement or repair of fractured or leaky restorations, removal of last tooth or molars causing pericoronitis, Root canal treatment in case of pulpitis. Scaling procedure to remove off the deposits from the teeth which are none other than the plaque and its calcified form calculus and tartar respectively leading to inflammation of gums and thereby the gateway to other tooth pathologies. Dental caries although not so considerate in category of emergency list but deep carious lesions are good enough to create emergencies such as that of pulpitis, whether acute or chronic.

As it is said that ’prevention is better than cure’ therefore we should try to maintain the conditions so that we don’t reach at a stage of ‘cure’ or ‘no cure’. We should try to prevent the ailments at initial stages itself by adopting proper means of safety.

About the Author- Better Dental is a renowned dental center offering an exhaustive range of dental treatments bringing immediate relief to the patients.

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