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hair transplant surgeon in lahore

Aug 14th 2015 at 10:27 PM

Humans have long since fought the signs of aging and have tried to avoid time effect their graceand beauty. One of the most common, but rarely welcome, sign of aging is hair loss. For some people special circumstances can lead to premature hair fall causing baldness and decrease in the thickening of hair. Fortunately in this new era of science and technology we are able to shape our lives and our appearances as we wish. Ranging from anti-aging creams to Botox, our skin has
become time less. Similarly solutions for baldness have also been discovered.

Hair loss treatment in Lahore can be treated in two ways; either by hair replacement or hair restoration. Hair replacement options include purchasing a patch of hair for temporary use which can be put on and removed at will. Hair restoration however is a more permanent alternative. This can be done by applying FDA approved Rogaine or Propecia. Rogaine is a solution which is massaged on the scalp where hair growth is desired. It is a slow method of growing hair and has a success rate of only 12%.Propecia on the other hand is a pill which is used to treat male baldness. It is an effective method and is prescribed under doctor’s supervision but if the treatment is discontinued the results may not be as desired.
Another way to grow back hair is with the Follicle Unit Extraction or FUE method. This involves removing hair directly from the donor area on the scalp, which is usually the back side of head where hair are plentiful, and grafting them on the desired patch. The treatment is carried out
under local anaesthesia. It is minimally evasive so there is minimal chance of permanent scarring. The method uses a specialized device to extract follicular units complete with necessary glands. It is performed under microscope using specially designed instruments enabling precision and natural looking hair growth. This procedure has also been introduced in Pakistan. Many clinics now provide European standard FUE treatments for patients. They have experienced doctors and staff to ensure customer satisfaction and procedure reliability. These canters have provided hair transplantation facilities tomany patients successfully. They provide Face and body hair transplant. Cosmoderma clinic in Pakistan is a world famous FUE hair transplant center.This surgery has proved to be beneficial for its patients but there have been some observed side
effects. It is common for the donor site to become swollen or itchy and may irritate the patient. But it should not be scratched because that will form scabbing and will cause the discomfort to increase. Apart from that there may be shock loss. This is when the transplanted hair fall due to not being able to adjust to the change in position. Most of the hair that has been transplanted will be lost in first thirty days. Although the hair fall but follicles remain attached and new hair will then grow in the
transplanted area. <a href="

"> hair transplant surgeon in lahore causes minimum scarring because of the precision tools used. We are living in the 21st century where there has been a solution for every problem. We are tackling aging and reversing time. We are no longer limited by the natural phenomenon and have the
power to remain timeless. <a href="


"> hair transplant cost at lahore is minimun with respect to the other countries.

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