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Hair Loss treatment clinic Lahore

Jul 14th 2015 at 11:52 PM

Gone are the days when one losses his hair on permanent basis. As a result of advancement in science and technology this problem can be solved by a process named as hair transplantation. It is a surgical method which is being used

since 1950s. In this process hair from the back of the head are

removed and injected on the bald part of the head.

Hair loss problem occurs in almost every second person in a society. Due to which one losses his confidence while talking to others. Today due to the advancement in the social media, newspapers and T.V commercials are full with the advertisement and everyone is claiming the world best hair transplantation .  To avoid regret in the future,do a little bit home work to find out the world best hair transplant surgeon in your affordable price. Definitely it will take time, but it will prove quite useful for you in the future. Hair transplant clinic in Lahore is offering best renowned technique named as FUE (Follicular unit extraction).For this technique an experienced surgeon is required. We have a team of fully qualified doctors who specialize in this technique from abroad.  In this technique individual follicular units  is being extracted from the donor area. These grafts are then transplanted in the recipient area. Surgeon as well as patient has to show stamina in this process, since it is a  time consuming process.

FUE has a number of advantages over other hair restoration techniques. This process is pain free. There is quick healing after this procedure. Before the operation is performed, there must be a enough donor area that are being clipped . Those patients who suffer from scarring and healing problems should receive their FUE (Follicular unit extraction)  with extreme care. FUE is the alternative of FUT with a number of plus points. Today almost each and every clinic of hair restoration claims that scars will be finished after that process but practically it is quite rare. Even in a number of cases a patient who have recently done with the FUE, leaves a big number of small non-pigmented dots on the back side of

the head. But due small size of the pigments other people will not able to see them. The basis of FUE is extraction and harvesting of hair, fromone part of the head to the other one.The other plus point of FUE over FUT is that it’s recovery time is quite less, and one can regain his personality as soon


as possible.It is strictly advised to those people who might consider a short hairstyle in future So keeping in view the above facts, it is certainly said that hair transplantation will give you a such a natural look even you will not be able to recognize . You will look younger and smatter after regaining your hair. For this one have to thankful for the advancement of science and development of latest hair loss treatments.

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