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Gynecomastia is common in boys at puberty.

Jul 3rd 2014 at 9:23 PM

One problem that usually leaves the men inhibited and constrained to take the shirt, the gynecomastia is quite common, especially in adolescents. The disturbance of aesthetic origin leads young people to want to hide the deformity, creating awkward situations in their daily lives.

Gynecomastia faces breast enlargement The gynecomastia is aimed at correcting the increased male breasts, which may be even larger than the female breasts. This affects the emotional life and also physical about 40% of the male population.

Gynecomastia promotes the removal of fat from breast tissue as well as skin. Photo: Shutterstock Gynecomastia promotes the removal of fat from breast tissue as well as skin. Photo: Shutterstock What causes gynecomastia The gynecomastia , in general, is caused due to hormonal dysfunction , as well as the use of medications or drugs .

However, it can also be idiopathic, ie not have an identifiable cause. In general, the region of the breast swells as a result of fat accumulation . Moreover, experts say that there is a pseudo-gynecomastia , at which the breast grows solely due to fat.

Gynecomastia affects self-esteem When the patient suffers from gynecomastia , becomes inevitable growth of breasts and such a condition can greatly affect your self-esteem and also their social life . All this is intensified and occurs even more markedly when the problem occurs in adolescence.

Young people often ashamed to complain of difficulty of loving relationship and even make friends . The gynecomastia may even affect the physical health of the wearer, as it is common for patients experiencing back problems for keeping addicted positions

. One of the most common is double shoulders forward to hide the breast enlargement. It may be unintentional, but it is still harmful. There are three degrees of gynecomastia ,

since the lighter, with increased only in the areola, down to the more serious, resulting in increased breast to the chest and excess skin. The problem may still affect only one side of the body, creating asymmetry and pain is not common

although in some cases this happens. Treatment of Gynecomastia To choose the best procedure for intervention with the problem, it is necessary to analyze each case separately. Medicine has a few ways to treat gynecomastia. ago mild cases, especially in adolescents,

in which one chooses to do nothing until the individual grow and wait for the normalization of breast size. When indicated, the surgical procedure in the case of gynecomastia resolves the

problem. Generally, the operations indicated to treat gynecomastia are liposuction, with or without removal of breast tissue , particularly in moderate or severe cases. It is the removal of fat from the breast tissue (which will not be missed) and skin.

The procedure is similar to that of mammoplasty, commonly performed on women. The gynecomastia appears frequently in teenagers who passed through the accordion effect .

The surgery can be performed only after stabilization of ideal body weight for a period of six months.

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