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Jan 12th 2013 at 1:48 AM

After I had done so great step for me to say to anyone she confessed. So humiliating it was for me. Yes, I wrote about bulimia, but in conjunction with models or with young girls. And I was the mom from children.

Finally I found the first book about eating disorders. What I read gave me relief and horror at the same time relief in the fact that I'm not alone. They call it disease, disorder, habit, which is to heal Horror, because treatment - means to eat, and do it regularly.
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I've often said that quitting smoking is easy. I could stop and I was quite a heavy smoker. Stop drinking alcohol, smoking, and there it is Simple. Because cigarettes or alcohol do not need to live but the food is a vital need.

And for me, that time was much easier not to eat anything all day before you give something to a stop.
You simply have to eat. It is not like the other drugs that they give up forever. You have to learn to live with the drug, otherwise survive.

I got a secret contact psychologist. A visit with her I got a lot more frustrated and desperate than ever. I waited for him to help me, heal me.

I was angry at that tag, because I began to realize that no one does not help that they can get me some guidance, but otherwise I have to help myself.

No one else will do it for me.

I'll have with it day after day, hour after hour fought.

That I did not do so now to time, but quite clearly. Then I just felt anger and helplessness. But - I began to write a diary. It is a fact that the very first I burned a frenzy. Now, I would be interested. But even the first preserved is insane.

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