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Mar 7th 2013 at 10:31 PM

Since the second half of the first year of life is gradually beginning to implement component and child growth during the medicines or chemicals second year of life, growth hormone becomes fully responsible for further physical growth.

Secretion of gonad detrains and sex hormones in the late fetal and early postnatal life resemble the onset of puberty.

Boys, probably due to the secretion of androgens, this time grow faster than the girls.

Birth weight and body length of males of all populations are higher than those of girls.

In 1991 he was with us the average birth length of boys 50.4 ( + 2.9) in girls and 49.7 ( + 2.9) cm, mean birth weight boys 3390 ( + 464) g girls 3244 ( + 460) g .

Childhood is a period of steady growth between dynamic periods of growth and pubertal infantile ("sandwich" model of growth).

During the first year of life influence infantile components on the physical growth gradually fade away and begin to apply effects typical for the entire next period of growth: genetic growth potential and action -axis growth hormone - IGF-I.

Time to onset of child components of growth is variable. Karl berg shows the average age for boys 8.9 months, 8.1 months in girls.

A comparison of the growth data of children growing up in an optimal and passim lunch socioeconomic conditions shows that the effects of adverse environmental factors during this critical period may lead to a delay in the onset of children's growth components permanently slower growth and smaller adult Grow Taller 4 Idiots height

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