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Glucometer – A Useful Device to Monitor And Control Blood Sugar Levels

Jun 14th 2013 at 10:05 PM

The best way to take care of your diabetes is to control and Monitor Blood Glucose levels at regular intervals. If you don’t take care of yourself and don’t control blood sugar levels regularly then you will become prone to some serious side effects and other diabetes related diseases. Some of the body parts that can be greatly affected due to high blood sugar levels are liver, eyes, heart, kidneys, etc. It can even cause nerve damages to the limbs and in turn might damage the normal blood flow which is commonly known as the vascular disease.

The simplest method to control blood sugar levels is to regularly monitor them and take immediate action if found high. If the levels are found high once in a while then you need not worry but if it is constantly found high then you need to consult a doctor. The best solution is to either make changes in medication or modify your diet plan or practice both. A general theory states that a diabetic patient should consume a diet that consists of carbohydrates that falls under low or medium glycemic index. The main reason behind this is that high index foods result in a quick rise in blood sugar levels which remain high for some time. This action is particularly specific to diabetic patients because they do not have the ability to consume it quickly.

Nowadays it is quite easy to conduct diabetes test at home using the Best Glucometer. The Best Glucometer in India helps measure glucose level in a small sample of blood which is collected from the patient’s finger. Majority of Glucometers make use of a test strip which is used to absorb the sample of blood and then analyze it to produce results. The blood sample is generally collected from the finger tip using a lancet device. It is advisable to apply antiseptic on the finger before and after collecting blood samples to avoid infections in blood.

There are several brands of Glucometers are available in the India market but you should always choose the best Glucometer that is readily available. Basically there are 2 main types of Glucometers available in the market. The first type of device is more automated than the other one and is easier to use. In this type of meter the test strips are placed in a cassette or drum which is situated inside the machine and are when the machine is switched to test these strips are exposed via a slot. The sample of blood collected is then transferred to these strips for testing. The other type of meter uses strips that are stored externally and can be inserted by the user before carrying out the test.

Both these blood sugar testing meters require few seconds to analyze the blood and produce results. A person can choose a suitable testing device according to his budget and requirement.

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