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gastric ulcer

Jan 17th 2014 at 1:50 AM

Normal gastric ulcer of the stomach lining , in other words, a violation of the integrity of the mucous membranes . The main reason of non -tumor origin xorasının stomach acid-base imbalance in the stomach .


Acid in the stomach ( pepsin ) is one of the important conditions for the secretion of the digestive process . Normal food and stomach acid in the internal defense capabilities, eliminates the effect of damaging the mucous membranes . However, in cases of violation of the acid-base balance of the stomach increases the likelihood of injury .


Xorasının the stomach increases the likelihood of occurrence of the following factors :
- Non - steriod agrıkəsicilərin ( asprin , ibuprofen ) setting
- Helicobacter pylori ( H. pylori ) infection
- Chronic gastritis
- Smoke
- Alcoholic drinks reception
- Growing old
- The blood clotting system, some problems


- Abdominal pain.
- The pain may help you sleep at night
The perception of pain drugs or drinking the milk - can Antiasid
projection , you can start a meal 2-3 hours
Hungry for more severe pain may remain ,
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Bloody vomit is evidence of bleeding ulcer
- Xoranın be bleeding black feces may be indicative of other
- Recently, weight loss
- General weakness


- Endoscopic examination of the stomach is the first time you will be offered . This method of testing whether the stomach xorasının , it allows you to determine the exact location and size of
- X-ray examination of the stomach , the doctor can offer . However, the presence and position can be set xoranın stomach . But the X-ray is considered more accurate than the endoscopic examination .
- Whether Helicobacter pylori infection, breath , feces , and histological examination of tissue taken during the endoscopic examination may be appointed
- Endoscopic examination, histological examination of tissue taken from cancer to determine whether it allows .

When you need to visit the doctor

Gastric ulcer is not a disease to be treated on your own . You can eliminate the perception of pain medication Antiasid , but it will not cure the disease completely . So, if you have the symptoms listed above, contact your doctor məsləhədir do . Xoranın not treated in time can lead to many serious complications gətirb .

Gastrointestinal complications xorasının

- Gastric haemorrhage
- Stomach perforation , the perforation
- Xoranın maliqnizasiyası , ie the transformation of cancer
- Narrowing of the stomach to come out ( pyloric stenosis )
- Xoranın penetration to the pancreas , ie, to spread

therapeutic Treatment

There are two main targets in the treatment of gastric xorasının :
- Bacterial ( Helicobacter pylori ) to be destroyed
- Reduction of gastric acid
In case of the discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is usually a combination of two antibiotics are used . In this case, the most widely used antibiotics bunladır : Amoxicillin , Clarithromycin and metronidazole .

Cytoprotective medication called Misoprostol sucralfate in addition to you and your doctor can recommend . This medication will help you recover more quickly from the mucous membrane of the stomach .

surgical treatment

Indications for surgical treatment are as follows :
- Long history of therapeutic treatments , and these treatments are ineffective
- Continuous pyloric stenosis , or narrowing of the stomach cıxacagının
- Maiqnizasiyaya , ie formation of a suspected cancer
- Previously, perforation ( puncture ) , and the presence of complications such as bleeding
If you have the above-mentioned cases, your doctor may offer you one of the following operations :
- Subtotal qastrektomiya - two-thirds of the stomach is removed . This operation is part of the stomach from acid -secreting cells are
- Vaqotomiya - the prayer of nerve innervation to cut the branches . However, the ability of the stomach acid secretion is reduced . But in recent years, surgeons have little use for this operation .

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