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Foods That Gives Long Life. 2014

Dec 31st 2013 at 1:29 AM

foodsLong Life and Good Health.
Nuts for longevity
In a nutshell one may likely ask, is there any such food that guarantee longevity? The simple answer to this question is not far fetch it lies on the daily eating habits and the kind of food we eat. Studies suggested that around the world, certain group of people enjoy exceptionally long lives than others, sometimes due to their topographical location and sometimes due to their luck in nature.

Consider the lucky people of Okinawa. These pacific islanders have a life expectancy of more than 81 years as compared to 78 in the United state, and a worldwide average of 67. Similar to this, members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, who typically eats vegetarian diets outlive their neighbors by between 4 to 7 years on the average.

In San Blas island off the coast of Panama, residents rarely suffers from high blood pressure and heart disease. In fact, research shows that their rates of heart disease is 9 per 100,000 people compared to 83 per 100,000 among others. The facts that they are so fortunate is the kind of diets they are used to eating.

Diets is one of the important contributor to longevity and healthy living. Those who enjoy long and healthy lives are those who advance the course of dietary combination of fruits and vegetables in association with nuts. Most of us go for easy and saturated fat the type found in meat and high fat dairy products. Saturated fat plays a negative role in raising blood cholesterol level into the danger zone and punish victims with high blood pressure also known as "Hypertension".

To live a life of longevity, it is advisable that we adhered strictly to the undermentioned groups of food as well as a combination of exercises on daily basis to prompt a balance in our body system.

Longevity Foods.
Fruits for longevity
Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables: With fiber and nutrients, fruits and vegetables are also relatively low in calories. Research findings indicates that any diet that is plentiful of fruits and vegetables help people maintain their weight and protects against cardiovascular disease.

Whole Grains: Like fruits and vegetables, whole grains packed a lots of nutrition into a low calorie package, Oats and Barley are grains typically noted for this and is also rich in a long list of disease fighting compounds.

In a research carried out in the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston in year 2009, it was reported that participants whose diet included plenty of whole grains and fruits cut their heart disease rate by almost half as compared to those whose diets favored meats and fatty foods.

Findings from more than 161,000 nurses who enrolled in a Nurses Health Study also proved that whole grains protects against type 2 diabetes, a disease that increases the danger of heart disease.

Nuts: Nuts before now was a banished issue in the lists of healthy foods,because of their richness in fat, but then it wasn't clear that the type of fat associated with nuts is unsaturated fat which help to slow down the range of heart disease and protects the body against infection.

Dark Chocolates: In the issue of San Blas that we mentioned earlier in this article, blood pressure according to researchers was seen to be rare amongst them because they consume much of dark chocolates and its component called "Polyphenoils" which are believed to lower blood pressure and improve the flexibility of blood vessels.

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