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Five Effective Ways To Maintain Weight

Feb 19th 2014 at 11:38 PM

Forget those myths that talk about food diets, and between now and then for weight loss, offer us the real solution to get rid of the fat and not return again.
So, what is the secret to maintain an ideal weight?

This is the question which increases sales of books dealing with the diet, and videos that offer a lengthy series of exercise that are not burdensome unsustainable many ladies.
But these solutions are not confidential innovative magical way to get rid of weight. Instead, we offer you this ma'am effective ways in which permanently from drinking juice cabbage forever.

The reason for this is that the fluctuation of blood sugar level, up and down cause’s fat storage. And maintain a balance of blood sugar also helps to burn fat and reduces appetite eating sugars. For Further Details visit Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Page

In order to maintain the level of sugar Follow a balanced diet that includes foods that are transported to the blood sugar slowly. Instead of eating white bread, pasta and rice try other types of whole grains. Eat more vegetables and legumes, and Limit consumption of sugary fruit juice and fruit home.

Let a third of your food raw food ... Why? Because eating more raw food does not increase the intake of vitamins and antioxidants only, but also to maintain a low rate of calories that you eat. Dish salad alone contains 100 calories (without sauce, salad) the ratio of calories in it less than a box of chocolate biscuits.

Add to a dish salad lunches and dinner and eat fruit and almonds between meals.
In addition, Raw Foods takes longer to digest and you'll be because you need to chew well and in the meantime, the body produces the hormone which gives you a feeling of fullness.
Reduce the number of snacks between dishes. Why? It is important to get the rights for energy during the day, but your most constant on the fridge is the shortest way to upset your diet and thereby increase the weight, not to mention other health damage such as a feeling of fullness.

Eat three balanced meals a day and snacks protein-rich nations (eg: municipal cheese with apples and yogurt) to maintain your ideal weight.

Cut down on the consumption of carbohydrates ... Why? We have never heard that eating grilled chicken without skin caused weight gain in some people. But we all know that potatoes, pasta, rice and white bread are all terrible play a role in weight gain. If you think about the properties of these foods found it sticky and thick and fluffy would you want to be as well?

How so? Sections dish food into quarters, the first and second protein or vegetable salads and the fourth and last of the starches.

Eat healthy fats, but not a lot. Has shown that many of the research olive oil, for example, is rich in many of the great benefits to the human body, but these studies also warned against excessive intake of healthy oils, but moderation is required in all cases.

How? Add the teaspoon of olive oil a day or flaxseed oil with a box of sardines or salmon fillet with some almonds and grains, as well as you can add olive oil to the salad bowl.

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