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Fitness for sluggish

Jul 18th 2014 at 10:25 PM

Today, yoga is not only familiar, probably tribes in the jungles of Africa - and it is likely that they have their own alternative. Two options - either you have practiced yoga, or plan to try.

There are centers where yoga seriously engaged with an emphasis on spiritual practices and meditation, but for beginners, perhaps, you can get acquainted with yoga in the usual fitness


center, where you will not keep on the very first lesson to sing the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya", but show basic asanas.

Of course, yoga benefits the entire body as a whole: the flexibility, stretching, spine, muscle work and control your own body - for this purpose and use of yoga asanas true that the body did not stop completely clear the mind. If the spiritual side of yoga,


and you are not interested, good for the back, coordination and physical condition of the body will still be evident.

The best part: yoga also can be any Tutor. And she can be replaced bored charge - one of the most common yoga practices called Surya Namaskar (sun salutation), performed in the morning on an empty stomach and takes no more than 10 minutes.


What is it?

Type fitness gym, which appeared in the 1980s and named after its author, Callan Pinckney American. Callan (incidentally, before her name was Barbara, but she changed her name on the advice of numerologist) invented its own set of physical exercises, returning from a 11-year trip around the world with diseases of the back and legs and refused to do the surgery. The complex of 29 static exercises, later named after the inventor, Callan cured all diseases, and to resort to operations not necessary. All exercises Callanetics based on classical yoga asanas. During their implementation involves all muscles simultaneously, while regular exercise is accelerated metabolism.


Although special emphasis on weight reduction technique and does not, regular classes will still lead to the fact that the body ceases to be delayed adipose tissue and muscle mass increases. Do not worry if at first hand on the scales will creep right - the body builds muscle, not the extra pounds around the waist. In addition, this set of exercises can help in the fight against osteochondrosis, pain in the cervical and lumbar spine - proved by the example of the most Callan.

Most pleasant : declares itself as the creator of the method, Callanetics classes for one hour, equivalent to 24 hours of aerobics. And for Callanetics do not need any special skills and additional tools, which means that you can engage in both at home and in the gym.


What is it?

Ancient Chinese art and traditional healing system, which usually introduces newcomers to a screeching halt, and all the "tasted" subsequently propagate it among friends and acquaintances. In general, this gymnastic exercises combined with meditation practice and elements of Chinese martial arts, and the name "Qigong" comes from the merger of two characters: "Qi" - "air" or "breath" and "Gun" - "strength", "power" .


Hitting the gym for the first time, you will most likely be a bit taken aback. First you will be asked to close your eyes - and breathe without moving. 10 minutes. While focusing only on your breathing. At first it seems very simple, but somewhere in the fourth minute body feels significant stress due to forced immobility.

Qigong is certainly very useful for coordination, posture, proper breathing and concentration, as well as being the foundation of martial arts, bears and other useful properties.

And most importantly, that the checks are already very first workout - your stamina and persistence: one session typically lasts two hours, and if you deal with it, you can consider yourself a stiff upper lip. At the same time, of course, about any energetic action here it is not - all based on the ability of qigong relax, breathe correctly, concentrate and move smoothly.

The best part: seriously pay attention to Qigong is recommended for all those who can not relax. Western education in general recommends that we adhere to the principle: "Pull yourself together, rag!". A wise Oriental philosophers taught the exact opposite. And Qigong - a great way to learn to relax your body completely.


What is it?

Complex stretching exercises and flexibility. You are with them and so familiar - all usually end up stretching aerobics classes because preheated better pull muscles. If you have always felt that such pyatiminutki not enough, just enjoy a stretching separately.


If you will diligently watching and be able to hit someone the ability to do the splits, however, think it is unlikely to be your main goal. Stretching relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, increases flexibility and plasticity of the body, so if you do not have goals to lose weight by five pounds, and physical activity would be desirable, stretching is an excellent option.

Most effectively combine stretching with Callanetics or, for example, a strip of plastic: the muscles will be stretched even better after this heating. In good health club schedule group sessions on this principle and make.

Most enjoyable : first it will be difficult, the muscles will resist and hurt, and then, later, for three or four sessions you will feel the effect will be surprised that easily and can be bent so that they could not even two weeks ago. Here's the real effect is most enjoyable! But still, stretching for something certainly not necessarily recorded in the gym, to deal with it yourself easy.

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