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Nov 6th 2014 at 9:00 PM

People who have vertigo feel dizziness and headache, when they look back or move their head up or down. Additionally, they can feel nausea, vomiting and other severe conditions also, when they wake up in the morning. Benign positional vertigo is one of the most common nervous ailments that can cause imbalance problem in head and vestibular system. In this condition, patient always feel dizziness, vertigo and headache with abrupt head motion. Nowadays, doctors and healthcare specialist suggest physical therapy rehabilitation treatment for benign positional vertigo, as it does not cause any adverse effect after treatment.

Physical therapy helps to be fairly good for balancing the head motion. When vertigo is cause by the movement of calcium crystal, physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment surely helps to relocate and readjust the fragment limits. Therefore, physical therapy is considered one the most preferred treatment for Godartad lägesyrsel. The treatment is given to re-lodge or relocate the crystal of ear ossicles. Therapist tilts your head at various angles at the same time support your head in their arms. Continuous treatment helps shift the crystal back to your head.

Axelina rehabilitation center providers various non-invasive treatment options for all types of nervous disorders and musculoskeletal ailment. It is a brilliant option for therapy that gives long-lasting improvement and health benefits without causing any side-effect. Plantar fasciitis is problem that results into heel pain, it makes the fascia irritated and inflamed. There are number of problems of this condition such as faulty structure of foot, new exercise regimen and excess of weight bearing physical activity. Fat and obesity can also be a cause of this heel problem. Shock therapy is a non-invasive rehabilitation for pain relief. However, if you’re going for shock therapy, be very conscious while selecting the rehabilitation and physical therapy center.

Shock wave treatment is designed to dissolve kidney stone. Stötvåg or sound wave treatment is provided directly from outside of the body. It also heals your painful heel, as it immediately stimulate body healing mechanism. The treatment is completely safe for the patient, and it does not affect metabolism of the body. The treatment is capable to over stimulate the nerves and reduce the sensitivity and pain. When the procedure is completely, patient can easily go to home without any extra care and attention. The treatment creates vibration and control the injury of tissues. It repairs your injured and affected body muscles without any surgical treatment and pain.

Kerstin Sjöholm and Agneta Johansson are proficient physiotherapists who offer individual treatment, Rehabilitation/training and education on individual or group training in areas that include Orthopedic Manual Therapy, etc. Book your appointment or get details through our site

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