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fat loss factor scam - Note on Nutrition

Jan 27th 2014 at 9:57 PM

nutritionThe media often of different professionals and their advice on how and with what is published in the diet . Naive people believe in them , they begin to apply , and sometimes it health outcome is violated . Doctors write such articles , but they usually are not experts in the field of nutrition . We consider it necessary to give an explanation of how such basic advice : Stress and nutrition .

Proposed by in 1936, " Stress " by the scientific community , the term was fully exposed to a vote . This term also became the target of ridicule . abandon this senseless and repeatedly said fraud had taken up the idea . Now it is considered one of the twentieth century's most remarkable inventions . With more than 40 years , the most commonly used word in the language of intellectuals stress , biology, and even those who do not have a lot of that work for nothing . A wide variety of effects on the body have nothing to do with each other, which creates amazingly similar responses . There are many impacts . This alien, and the injection of natural substances , heat, cold , radiation , loss of blood , muscle and emotional tension , and so on. applies . Stereotype this kind of organism diversity and meets the standard , it seems that there is no creative ability . Everything takes place on the basis of the standard single stencil , peel adrenal glands , increasing its lipid composition and cholesterol are reduced , the immune system , especially the thymus - device , the weight of the organs and tissues are lost , fall down , changes occur decreases , the a form , a form of white cells, granulocytes , while - which , helps the immune system ) , the gastrointestinal tract is covered with wounds . Stress raises blood pressure , skin , hair aggravate the condition and operation of the gastrointestinal system . When you are under stress , the last thought in mind - is good nutrition . Because , you convince yourself everything that you can think about nutrition after the procedure . Charles Livingston Official webpage Remember that a lot of the stress state of beneficial nutrients the body needs , it will come out of this situation and weaker by the day itself , does not feel tired . Stress and fatigue resistance against the natural way - B group vitamins . The people who need the vitamin suffer depression and memory disorders . B group vitamins , milk products , eggs , dark green leafy vegetables , nuts , yeast extracts , there are many banana . That's why I try to use a lot of these products . Here are a handful of unsalted nuts and bananas and a light diet at school give the price . Research confirms the positive features breakfast any more . Regardless of intensity in the coming days , you should eat a little bit in the morning . Remember , the usual fruity cocktail or a banana with milk gives the body the necessary energy . Wheat does not take a lot of time in the stomach in case of stress , if you 're feeling nausea decoction of cereal , breakfast porridge made from rice or oats use . Oil is not recommended to eat a loaf , so tired, so the body is hard to digest fatty foods . During breakfast, scrambled eggs , more convenient , and useful. If you have a cup of coffee to help you in an atmosphere of hard work , but do not give up . However, keep in mind that coffee, tea, coca - cola , hot chocolate, caffeine , which increases adrenaline in the body . Accumulated in the body over a long period may lead to loss body adrenaline. If you want to throw, keep in mind that it will be difficult for you within the first 24 hours , headaches , fatigue may be feeling . A lot of water , juice drink , or eat a lot of fruit and drink fresh fruit juice ( fructose regulates the work of the brain ) . If you are often going from one place to another place , take a water bottle and take a few grassy river - 1 cup of boiling water and dried chamomile or mint , you can convert tea flavor against stress . At the end of a hard working day to relax , to rest, to the use of foods containing starch : pasta , potatoes , bread, rice and so on. Take care of your own body , and he can not struggle against the difficulties of life and. Complex and has created more problems for yourself by following rich diet , stress deeper . Remember that a small step in the right direction , it is better not to do anything . If you are working hard on the husband, fruits and vegetables , some fruit juice or water , sieved , ie, whole-wheat flour bread baked fresh lettuce sandwich or able to accept , you will help your body fight against stress .

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