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fat loss factor scam - Benefits of exercise

Jan 27th 2014 at 12:09 AM

exercise benefitPhysical activity helps control weight and consequently reduce the risk of tumor most often affects obese people. In the case of the breast volume, the extra weight favoring Huge estrogen production which has been shown to promote tumor growth. In the case of tumor of colon disease mainly affects people who have abdominal fat, which causes changes in hormonal secretions, changing bowel habits, leading to inertia substances that can prevent cancer. Extra Tip : Exercise is very important for former patients and helps reduce the risk of relapse. 6. Obesity It does not discriminate : Overweight as we have said may be the cause of many diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the appearance of tumors. Research shows obesity has increased by 25% in recent years and not just for adults. According to research 15% of children are obese and at high risk of becoming heart patients 30-35 years.

Benefits exercise : Aerobic, i.e. exercise causing perspiration helps caloric and therefore weight. According to experts enough to lose 10% of your weight (if you weigh 90 pounds enough to miss the 9) and you will reap the key benefits of exercise. However, if multikilogram exercise must accompany the appropriate diet. Extra Tip : The type and duration of exercise should consist of a doctor or personal trainer as well as an overweight virgins in sport organizations need gradual introduction. 7. Osteoporosis Female privilege : Conventional disease of women during the menopause, osteoporosis is characterized by reduced bone mineral, which become more fragile and prone to accidents. It is a natural process and is to reduce the secretion of female hormones, which are directly related to the mechanisms maintaining robust backbone. Benefits of exercise : prevention of osteoporosis consists of childhood with the regular consumption of foods rich in calcium (such as milk and derivatives).fat loss factor Also important is the sun as it helps the body to produce the ideal amount of vitamin D, essential in the absorption of calcium from the intestine. Physical activity makes bones stronger reducing the risk of fractures. In patients already consist of mild forms of exercise such as yoga, running and walks to avoid injuries. For young people who comprise sports 'burden' skeleton with body weight as a result of their empowerment. Extra Tip: The swimming and aqua aerobics are not recommended in the case of prevention as the water reduces body weight and therefore not strengthened to the maximum skeleton.Benefits exercise : Exercise helps either preventing or in treating diabetes. Physical activity leads to eating more sugars, essential for muscle work. In this way kept under control blood glucose levels (glycemic) and in healthy people it means prevention. Diabetics, however, the excess sugar in the heart and arteries increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases Extra Tip : By practicing kept under control other risk factors (high pressure, cholesterol), which in conjunction with diabetes contribute to cardiovascular disease. Tumors Scourge of the era : The causes of the appearance of tumors is complex and in many cases unclear but several studies suggest the association of sedentary life with the emergence of various diseases such as the volume of colon or breast cancers, which are more common in people with minimal physical activity .

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